Legend of Mighty Magic Cheats: Exchange Code & 4 Best Tips for City, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legend of Mighty Magic by Gamebau for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legend of Mighty Magic Tip #1: Lord Level and City's Population.
Lord Level is your own level.
You will gain EXP from playing in Campaign Mode.
Collect EXP to increase the Lord level.
The higher the lord level, the larger and livelier your castle and your city.
In addition, your heroes level cannot exceed Lord level.
Your heroes wouldn't want to serve the lord who's not competent enough, would they?

Your town population reflects how well developed your town is.
(and , somehow, how good you are as the lord.)
Population increases accordingly to the increase of your heroes loyalty.
When your town grows big enough, your citizen will propose the construction of a new building or a renovation project to you: this helps further improving your town landscape and resource output.

Legend of Mighty Magic Tip #2: Saluting.
Saluting is like saying a hello to other players.
When you salute other player, you will receive Ally Pt. which you can collect to summon new warrior.
When other players salute you, their captain will come to your city with a gift box.
Tap on his to receive the salute and gift!
You can also visit other players city to accept the salute and gift.
You can salute each player once a day, and you can collect ally pt from up to 20 players each day.
You can check out the log from the chat room to find out who sent you the salute.

Legend of Mighty Magic Tip #3: Defensive Squad.
Where another player challenges you, he/she will fight against your defensive squad.
If your defensive squad loses, your rank will goes down.
So it is important to assemble a strong defensive squad too!
If your defensive squad wins, you may receive reward for your performance.
You will find your reward in your gift box.

Legend of Mighty Magic Tip #4: Building Tips.
Hero Altar: Here you can instantly summon heroes from your battle squad and also heal your wounded heroes.
Flamethrower: Flamethrowers are very powerful defensive facilities that can deal massive damage to the enemy units in a row but cannot turn around.
Bunker: Bunkers are all-around defensive towers. They can attack enemy units from a far and deal damage stably.
Mortar: Mortars are defensive facilities that can deal damage to multiple enemy units at the same time from a far but cannot hit the units that are too close to them.
Spell Altar: Here you can produce magic spells before producing a spell, unlock it in the source of spell.
Castle Gate: The castle gate is where your defending troops will gather to protect your territory. The defending troops can also go out to battle.

Legend of Mighty Magic Exchange Code: LoMM

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