Made In Guild Cheats: Coupon Number & 5 Best Tips for Gold, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Made In Guild by Mauntain for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Made In Guild Tip #1: Game Data.
Game data is stored inside the game.
If you remove the game, the stored data will be destroyed.
When changing the device, please use the cloud storage function in the option.
Do not force the game to end. The stored data may be damaged.
There may be data exhaustion due to network connection.

Made In Guild Tip #2: Residential Area.
In Residential Area, when you touch the room of a guild member, the room menu is activated.
In room menu, you can manage the guild member.
If you don't have enough stamina, prepare to rest. If room is dirty, please clean it to reduce completion time requirement. If injured, please send it to the hospital for character's recovery.
Various weapons are places in the inventory. While using multiple weapons, check weapon characteristics.

Made In Guild Tip #3: Gold.
Gold are very important resources in the game.
Gold improves your ability to defeat enemies, because you need to pay coins just to level up, change class and you also need gold to forge weapons. Gold are also needed to improve other aspect of the game such as improving rests, cleaning, treatment, earn gold and earn jewelry mining.
It is recommended to focus on earning gold as fast as you can, specially improving on Labor facility area.

Made In Guild Tip #4: Labor Facility Area vs Adventure Area,
You can earn a lot gold in this area compared to Adventure Area.
In Adventure Area, your earning capability will depend on how strong your character's are.
While in Labor Facility Area, your earning capability will depend on the level of your factory and logging facility.
Both needs gold to improve your characters and increasing the level of your Facilities. However improving your Facilities is much easier and less complicated than improving your characters.

Made In Guild Tip #5: Focus on Short Working.
There are two facilities where you can earn passive gold in Labor Facility Area.
These are Factory and Logging facilities. Factory Facility will give lower gold compared to Logging Facility but they only take short amount of time to be completed. Factory Facility is more efficient in giving a lot of gold but it takes more rests. Factory Facility is better because you need to earn coins and spend them immediately to improve your gameplay.

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