Majestia Cheats: 5 Best Information Tips for Battle Mode, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Majestia by Com2uS for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Majestia Tip #1: Battle Mode Information.
You'll battle with 14 cards in the Battle Mode in regular battles.
Rank Battle is the core play mode of the Majestia.

You'll go through 5 placement matches
when a new season begins and your rank score and battle grade will be determined when the placement match has been completed.

Matched with Quick Battle or Battle Mode.
You'll be matched with users with similar battle score.

The user with the lower average of the deck cost will get the head start.

The results of the battles in Battle Mode will affect the ranking and the battle grade.

A random item card will be dropped when a Hero is defeated and will he acquired when the tile is occupied.

Majestia Tip #2: Arena Mode Information.
You'll battle with 7 cards in the Arena Mode.
You'll battle with new cards every 12 hours in the Arena.
Select Card 1: A random hero of the highest grade.
Select Card 2 to 6: Random Heroes, Soldier cards, Tactic Cards in possession.
Select Card 7: A random Tactic card.

You'll set up a deck with 7 cards each time and you'll be able to enter up to 5 times once you set up a deck.
A bonus reward will be given when you win with a newly formed deck.

You can reset the timer to form a new deck to enter battles.

Rewards given according to the number of victories.

Majestia Tip #3: Victory Conditions Information.
There are 3 victory conditions in Majestia and you'll win the battle when you meet one of the three conditions.
1. You'll win when you completely defeat all units of the opponent. (The remaining Tactic Cards will have no effect on the battle results).
2. You'll win when you reach 30pts before the opponent.
3. You'll win when you occupy the opponent's headquarter.

Majestia Tip #4: Single Mode Information.
You can experience battles and earn card rewards through the single mode.
You can learn the basic rules of the Majestia battles through the battle tutorial.
The story of each Hero is included in the Challenge and you can experience various strategic tactics.
The battle topic will vary for each chapter.
You can acquire the Tactic Cards you need to enter battles from Challenges.
You can acquire Heroes from Challenges and Hero Souls will be acquired for Heroes already in possession.

Majestia Tip #5: Battle Recorder and Rank.
You can replay the previous battles and battles of other users with the Battle Recorder.
You can play the replay by tapping on the Camera Button.
You can spectate other user's battles from the random game list.
You can spectate not only your previous battles but also your friend's and clan member's battles
You can spectate your previous battles from my previous battles. Up to 30 games will be saved.
Modify your strategy with the replay arid come up with new ones.

The user ranking will be divided according to the battle grade.
Only the battle results from the Battle Mode will be counted for the ranking.
The rank score is based on the battle grade score determined by battles.
You'll enter the ranking after acquiring a battle grade by completing 5 Battle Mode games

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