Never Gone Cheats: Codes & 3 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Never Gone by Hippie Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Never Gone Tip #1: Defensive Tips.
Counter Attack.
Counter Attack by attacking (tap A) immediately after a successful block.
This is effective when facing powerful enemies, specially enemy bosses.
However, using counter attack on weaker enemies doesn't worth it, it takes time unless you are avoiding enemy attacks.
Counter attack deals high damage as it amplifies your normal damage by twice.

Tap left or right while holding B to Dodge enemy attacks.
You can use dodge to quickly move to an area, similar to a dash.
You can also use it to escape from the enemy mobs, avoiding enemy attacks, to position yourself or to chase enemies.

Never Gone Tip #2: Attacking Tips.
Air Attack.
Tap C to jump, then tap A to attack in the air. Use Air Attack to eliminate enemies that are flying.
Normal attacks won't hit enemies that are flying, although some special attacks can hit both ground and air, doing Air Attack is much easier to hit flying enemies.
You can also do Air Attack to avoid enemy attacks, similar to dodging but with offense attack.

You can fill your rage or use potion to max your rage so that you can unleash your Execution.
Swipe from A to C to launch Execution when your Rage is full.

Splash Damage.
Splash Damage increase damage and rage regeneration when you attack multiple enemies.
Increase splash damage to enemies near your main target.
More Splash Damage leads to executing Execution, making it a better finisher move to tough enemies.

Your attack is more likely to bounce off if your weapon's Sharpness is too low.
Reduce the chance of getting deflected and deal more damage when fighting particular monsters.
You can improve, awaken, repair your weapon to avoid having a low sharpness weapon.
Bounce interrupts your attacks that may lead to a broken attack combo. It can also lead for enemies to counter attack if you don't act wisely.

Chance to severely cripple & weaken you enemy, and gain extra loot.
Aside from it weakens enemy, gaining extra loot will help you obtain more equip and items thus improving your equip or you can sell it to gain extra coins.

Similar with crippling, but instead the user deals more damage to enemies to it's corresponding weakness.
Having a high damage weapon with high sharpness, high Crippling and Fire status attributes. 
Killing enemies will be a lot faster,

Never Gone Tip #3; Eye of Abyss Tip.
Weapons forged from schematics can be awakened. Each awakening will open a socket for a gem. When all of the sockets are set with gems, the eye of abyss will be able to devour. 
All gems socketed in the weapon will be shattered after devour. 
Then a new extra buff will be added to the Eye of Abyss. Better gems shattered generate better buffs.

Never Gone Redeem Code (Twinpeak Bar Item): 270m3f302su6.