Portal Quest Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Portal Quest by PerBlue for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Portal Quest Tip #1: Skill Tags.
Shown in Skill Descriptions, these tags indicate special skill behaviors.

  • Threat: Skills with this tag manipulate threat on either enemies or allies. Targets with higher threat get attacked more than targets with lower threat.
  • Crit: Attacks that crit do double damage.
  • Penetrating: Damage from a skill with this tag ignores all shields.
  • Splash": Hits the target and all other enemies within melee range of the damage dealer.
  • Knock back: Skills with this tag push target(s) backward. 
  • Channel: this type of skill can be activated at 20% energy or higher. Once activated, the skill takes effect while also draining energy. Tapping the hero portrait while a channel skill is active pauses the skill.

Portal Quest Tip #2: Promoting Heroes & Heroes "Fury"/"Finesse"/"Focus".
You can Promote your Heroes by equipping all six of their Item slots with the appropriate Item.
When a Hero is Promoted their Rarity increases, they get six new Item slots to be equipped, and their power will increase.

Think of it like rock, paper, scissors. Finesse heroes dance around Fury like paper in the wind. Fury heroes smash Focus heroes like rock. And Focus heroes cut down Finesse heroes like scissors.
As for how to tell? You currently can just take a look at the bottom left section of their portrait to see their role and aspect.

Portal Quest Tip #3: Rewards.
System.
For every day you sign in, you can collect your daily Sign In Reward!  It is reset at the end of every month, so to earn the top rewards you will have to sign in every day in a month.

“V1” next to the Sign In Reward.
The little symbols that say “V1 and V2” indicate some players can receive double the reward for their sign in reward that day.
The number next to the “V” indicates at what level players need to be in order to take advantage of the double bonus

Your Daily Quests are a great way to earn Team XP and even Gold or Diamonds!
Complete the requirements for each Quest to earn your reward.

Portal Quest Tip #4: VIP.
Earning VIP Tickets.
Players can receive a wide variety of benefits from being VIP.
With each new level of VIP, new and better benefits are unlocked!
Players can rank up their VIP Level by purchasing Diamonds on game.
The best part about VIP status is that it never expires!
Once you achieve a VIP level, you have it forever

Different VIP levels.
As you increase your level of VIP, your benefits will also increase! You can view the full list of benefits by tapping ‘Purchasing’ in the Main Menu, then tapping the blue ‘See Benefits’ button at the top of your screen.

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