Shooting King Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Eaning Fast Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Shooting King by Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Shooting King Tip #1: Fastest & Easiest Way to earn Money/Coins.
There are many ways to earn money or coins in Shooting King.
You can earn coins in the traditional Stage Mode.
You can also earn coins in Time Race and Battle Mode as well.
Battle Mode gives you high Prize Money Reward if you can win against a live opponent online.
However if you lose, the entry fee that you paid will be given to the opponent.
Although it has higher rewards value than other game modes, it is risky because you will pay also if you lose a live match.
Earning coins in the traditional stage mode has lower value compared to other game modes but you will earn experience for you to level up.
Playing Time Race is the fastest way to earn coins or money.

Shooting King Tip #2: "MINI GAME" in TIME RACE GAME MODE.
You can earn 10,000 in 5 minutes playing the "MINI GAME" in Time Race Game Mode.
You can also earn fast money in other Time Race Games, but the "MINI GAME" is the best game for Time Race.
You don't need a fancy weapon or expensive weapon to be effective in "MINI GAME" You just only need to quickly draw and aim your Sniper Rifle to the plates and shoot them.
You can earn up to 100 coins if you perfectly shoot them in a straight line. Using the weakest sniper rifle will give you atleast 50 coins average per game.
MINI GAME lasts only for about 10 seconds including the loading, preparing the sniper rifle and after shooting animation. Thus making it easier to replay the game and earn a possible 1000 coins instantly.

Shooting King Tip #3: Performance Information.
Bullet, Red dot, Gear and other Items. gives you bonus stats for you to have a great shooting performance.
Power: Muzzle velocity will be increased.
Reloading Speed: Reloading time will be decreased.
Wind Resistance: Bullet's wind resistance will be decreased.
Zoom: Red dot's magnification will be increased.
Battle's Victory Reward: The reward will increase once you win the battle.
Battle's Loss Record: The reward will increase once you lose the battle.

Shooting King Tip #4: Aim for Best Items (Standard/Premium).
If you followed the tip #2, you can easily get the best items in the game.
Although Premium Items are the best items in the game, you can obtain Best Items in Standard Items by paying it with your coins.
The best item category if you are looking for performance and cost ratio is the Sniper Rifle.
Sniper Rifle gives you Power and Reloading Performance bonus.
Buying Sniper Rifle first is recommended to be able to pass stages easily and be more effective in earning coins in MINI GAMES (see Tip #2).
Although it is difficult and it takes time to earn coins, just do the tip #2 and obtain that best standard sniper rifle.

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