Asphalt Street Storm Cheats: Coupon & 5 Best Tips for Game Modes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Asphalt Street Storm Racing by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #1: Game Modes.
Currently there are five main game modes. Three of them can be accessed by entering a city location: New York, Paris or Hong Kong.
There you can compete against Single Player opponents organized in club of three members, in both 1v1 races and 4P races, or against human opponents in direct 1v1 Multiplayer races and in 4P Multiplayer races.
The other two game modes can be accessed from the game hub: Champions Clash and Daily Trial.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #2: 4P Race.
This game mode lets you compete in a Multiplayer race between 4 competitors.
This mode can be accessed from the city lobby. The 4P races are not always active, so when you see one, you should join by tapping on the 4P info box and paying the required fee (if any). Notice that not all 4P races require a fee certain 4P Multiplayer and 4P Single-Player races are free of charge. Some 4P Multiplayer races require you to pay DIAMONDS this is a 4P Pink Slip race and you can win the opponents‘ cars if you participate.
For the 4P Pink Slip race, we will retain the DIAMONDS as part of the fee.
For the regular 4P Multiplayer races, part of the entry fee will be added to the prize pot the winner gets 75% of the pot and the second-best will win 25% of the prize pot.
You'll need to defeat the 3 opponents from a club individually in 1v1
Single-Player races before having to race them all in a 4P race. Once you do, you'll move on to the next club.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #3: Champions Clash.
This is a limited-time event with several milestones for you to reach by racing against other players.
Each milestone/stage has its own requirements in order for you to be able to join it.
By winning races and betting in those races, you can gather event points. You get a bonus for trading cars that you win for event points.
At the end of the event, the players with the highest amounts of event points are eligible for big rewards.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #4: Daily Trial.
This is a daily event in which you receive a temporary car in order to compete during three stages against an Al opponent using the same model of car.
You will receive a reward for each stage that you complete by winning the associated race.
Only players that are challenged are able to choose if betting will take place.
If they choose to race without betting, you will not have the opportunity to put any money on the race.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #5: Subscribers.
Your number of subscribers is a good indicator of your progress in the game; they are gained by playing any of the game modes.
The subscriber number is used as an unlock condition for a few game modes and locations.
Reaching certain thresholds provides you with a reward.
You can view your progress and collect these rewards by visiting the REWARDS tab in the Player Proļ¬le.
You can access your Player Profile by tapping your avatar in the top bar.

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