Birds Mania Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Matching, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Birds Mania Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Birds Mania Tip #1: Life Tree.
Every 50 stars make the life tree grow once.
Every branch has different function, the right branch produce bomb item in every 2 days.
The left one produce 10 hearts item in every 2 days, click the branch to make it grow.
Choose left branch or right branch, you can only choose one,
Collect more pot in 10 seconds, to make life tree grow faster.
Get a blue pot to reduce 20 second for all branches and gold pot to reduce 200 seconds for all branches.

Birds Mania Tip #2: Completing Levels.
Ice & Fish.
Clear the ices to collect the fishes.
Fishes are always covered by ices, you can found ices at the back of the birds.
Clear the ices to collect the fishes. You can only clear the ice but matching or eliminating the bird in the ice tile.
You need to clear all of the ices that covers the fish to be able to successfully collect the fish.
Bombs are very effective on collecting fishes because bombs can eliminate multiple ice that covers the fish.

Match any birds besides the grass to eliminate the grass.
The grasses can block any birds that you want to match.
You can eliminate grasses by hitting them with bomb explosions.
You need to eliminate them for you to be able to use that tile for matching or switch the birds.

Boss Mushrooms.
The mushrooms are the bad guys, Let's beat them with birds power.
Only targets on the board can hit the boss.
Rainbow Birds are very effective on Mushrooms because you eliminate specific birds. 
Make sure that birds you want to eliminate is on the target to be able to attack the boss mushrooms.
When the boss's HP down to 0%, you will pass the level.

Magician Hat.
Move and match the bird that wears the hat, so you can get the hat.
Any types of eliminating the bird that has a magician hat, can also give you the hat.
Collect the magician hats to pass the level.

Bird Cages
This is similar with the ice but you can't move the birds in cages
However you can break the cage by matching them with the same birds.
You can also use any kind of bird bombs to break the cage.
If you encounter a bird that wears a magician hat and it is inside of the cage, you need to break the cage first and following it by eliminating the bird to successfully get the magician hat.

Birds Mania Tip #3: Daily Rewards.
Day 1: +5 Lives.
Day 2: 1 Time Bomb.
Day 3: 2 Bird Flash.
Day 4: 2 Bird Bomb.
Day 5: Max Lives.
Day 6: 2 Exchange Birds.
Day 7: 100 Coins.