Flipping Legend Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Archer, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Flipping Legend by Noodlecake Studios Inc. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Flipping Legend Tip #1: Best Starting Character.
There are 3 starting characters to play from, but you can only purchase 1 starting character at the start of the game.
You will be given 2000 coins at the start of the game and each starting character costs 1600 coins.
Ninja, Archer, Warlock are the starting characters in the game.
Archer is the best starting character in the game due to it's balanced offense and defense skills set.

Flipping Legend Tip #2: Archer's Ultimate.
Archer's Ultimate is one of the best legend's ability, because she can hit multiple enemies at long distance, thus gaining health points very quickly similar with ninja's ultimate. Ninja's ultimate will make your ninja dash to the nearest enemies at fast rate, which is good when you want to avoid difficult obstacles or having a lot of enemies. However the archer's ultimate will kill multiple enemies without moving away from your tile, thus it is more easier to pass through difficult obstacles because you don't have to worry about enemies that may attack you.

Flipping Legend Tip #3: Archer's Ability Bar.
Ultimate Ability needs mana to be able to execute, fortunately the archer has a skill that can fill an ability bar for 20% faster!
If you have this ability and a max ultimate ability for your archer, you can kill enemies at very fast rate, so it will be more easier to flip and avoid obstacles.

Flipping Legend Tip #4: Archer's Life Gain.
You lose health points over time, killing enemies will give you some health points, so you need to kill enemies for you to survive.
Archer has an ability that increases life gain from killing enemies.
When you paired it with an upgraded ultimate and ability bar, you won't easily die from losing health points specially when you are at lower levels.
Since you don't have to worry about health points too much, you can concentrate more on flipping and avoiding obstacles that can kill you instantly.

Flipping Legend Tip #5: Archer's Shield.
Archers doesn't use shield obviously but they can gain an ability called "Shield".
You can pick shield in game and you will be resistant to obstacles and enemy attacks for a single instances only. However you will still be killed when you fall in pit falls while having a shield.
Since archers are good at killing enemies, you will be have more time to avoid obstacles without worrying about enemies and when you have a shield in game, you can survive when you land at dangerous obstacles.

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