Guardians War Cheats: Coupon Code & 4 Best Tips for Guardians, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Guardians War by LUNOSOFT for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Guardians War Tip #1: Starting Guardians and Guardian Types.
Temple Knight.
He protect and support your team with the strong mentality.
Expand the team's survival by acting as shield and using defensive and healing skills.
Features: Tanker/Healer.
Type: Magical/Melee.

With the attack to single enemies quickly.
He attacks to neutralize targets to deal devastating blows to single targets.
Features: Dealer.
Type: Physical/Melee.

Demon Chaser.
She annihilate the enemy using physical skills learned through long combat experience.
With the wide range attack, the enemy over long distances.
Features: Dealer.
Type: Physical/Range.

Character Types.
Battle - High damage n the enemy through attacks or spells.
Protect - Efficiently blocks the enemy's attack or spells.
Support - Helps team members or lowering the enemy's debuff.
Technique - Use variety techniques and links Skills together.
Agile - Good at evading enemy attacks and rapidly attacks enemies.
Range - Attack enemies on long range.

Guardians War Tip #2: Character Level Up.
Every time your character levels up, you receive 3 status points.
Status points can be used to increase certain stats of a character and can't be changed once you have finished allocating them.
You must activate skills so that they can be used in battle.
Skills are connected via a skill tree, requiring you to  activate certain skills to unlock others.
Activating and upgrading skills cost skill points.
Each time you level up, you receive 1 skill point for your character.
Skills can be divided into active and passive skills, and skill slots are divided accordingly.
For active skills, based on how the character's skills are placed in the slots.
the sequence of skills act in an automatic battle mode.
The results of a battle may depend on how you combine and place.
Guardians War Tip #3: Kingdom’s Guardian Introductory Training Event.

“Kingdom’s Guardian Introductory Training” will be available under “Guardians” tab’s Event Quest.

Improve yourself together with fellow Hunters, and prepare for even stronger enemies!
Enjoy the thrill of your first PvP Event and aim for victory with your friends!

Battle Point Rewards

You can get Crystals and other remarkable rewards depending on the achieved amount of Battle Points (BP)!
Join the fun! Whether you win or you lose, you will always gain BP!
Go to “Logres” tab’s Event Quest “Royal Prestige” in order to obtain your well-deserved BP rewards.

Ranking Rewards

Extravagant rewards will be given to those, who gained enough BP throughout the event period, to achieve the highest ranks out of all characters across the world!

Rank Rewards
Rank 1 to 10 Lion Helmet-Blue-
50 Crystals
Rank 11 to 50 30 Crystals
Rank 51 to 100 15 Crystals
Rank 101 to 500 5 Crystals
※Ranking Rewards will be distributed on 06/15/2017 (THU) during Maintenance, depending on total acquired Battle Points throughout the event period.
※Note that weapon costs may be adjusted at any time, depending on the game balance.
※In case of several players achieving the same amount of BP, each player will be handed the corresponding Ranking Reward.

Guardians War Tip #4: Other Tips.
Unlike accomplishments, you have to accept a quest in order to proceed with it.
Only one quest can be accepted at a time.
In order to proceed with other quest, You must complete or cancel the quest currently in progress.
You can access a list of all equipment items in the inventory.
You can filter the list according to the character class and item types to find information you need.
In the case of an equipment item, you can check the status of the equipment, sell it, or register it for trading.
Other material or consumable items can also be checked for information or be sold.

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