Monstergotchi Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Monsters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Monstergotchi by FDG Mobile Games GbR for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Monstergotchi Tip #1: How to Play!
Many body parts have unique properties and some even require time to recharge between attacks.
The amount of necessary turns is indicated by the hourglass icon.
Also take these potions. If you are hurt you can consume an ‘Elixir of Life‘.

In combat, you can view the characteristics of any monster.
Simply hold your finger on the desired enemy.
Knowing the abilities and disadvantages of your adversaries will help you to always be one step ahead!

Between battles. your health and blocking energy are slowly restored.
Of course, you can always speed things up by using a potion.

An enemy will try to attack you after your turn!
Tap and hold the shield icon to block incoming blows and hostile spells.

Tap and hold your finger on the health bar to see positive and negative status effects, if any exist.

The winners in the arena can get precious and unique rewards. Beat them to some stuffs to improve your character!

Monstergotchi Tip #2: Status Attributes.
Stamina: Increases your Health.
Strength: Increases this damage done by attacks.
Agility: Increases the critical hit chance.
Intellect: Increases damage done by magic scrolls.
Defense: Increases the character's defense.

Monstergotchi Tip #3: Traders.
Check out the trader from the right sided menu!
This is your portal to all the in-game traders.
You can use your medals or cash to buy items and monsters here.
* Duel medal Trader: Becomes available after you finish Chapter 3-4.
* Siege Medal trader: Becomes available after you finish Chapter 4-16.
* Cash only: Becomes available after you finish Chapter 1.
* Event's Trader: Becomes available while the event is running.

Monstergotchi Tip #4: Gold Hour Dungeon.
Gold Hour is a special zone where you can collect extra cash.
This dungeon opens for 1 hour (hence it's name).
You can check out it's next open time form Restricted Zone menu screen.

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