Pet Paradise Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Bubble Shooter, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pet Paradise for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pet Paradise Tip #1: Pets.
Rarer pets will reward you with more stars.
To get more friends, you need more Coins. Earn Coins by playing levels!
Completing levels earns Coins and Stars! Use these to upgrade our homes and get new Pets.
Spend those Stars to improve your Pet's home.
Diamonds can be used to progress through levels and to find new, rare pets.
Completing levels earns Stars and Coins, let's get more stars.
Your pets are hungry, feed them and they'll give you goodies.

Pet Paradise Tip #2: Special Power.
Match 3 bubbles together to pop them. Clear 6 bubbles in the top row to win!
You have limited shots each level. Switch bubbles by tapping the launcher.
Unlock a special power by matching or dropping bubbles.
Tap on the Power-up Bar to activate your special power.
Fill the Power-up Bar faster by tapping on it. This costs one bubble.

Pet Paradise Tip #3: Boosters.
Use diamonds to unlock powerful boosters.
Super aim helps you make difficult shots.
Rock Bubbles cannot be matched. Drop them by popping bubbles around them.
Boulder Bubbles change between rocks and normal bubbles.
Extra Bubbles gives you 3 extra shots.
Third Bubble adds an extra bubble to your launcher.
Fireballs blast all bubbles around them.

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