Rise of Gods Cheats: Gift Codes & 2 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Rise of Gods by Ujoy for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Rise of Gods Tip #1: State of War.
Duel Mode.
A state war auto starts on the 3rd day of a new server.
The ATK and DEF will be assigned randomly, to familiarize players with State War Rules.

Free For All:
Unlocks on the 4th day of a new server
After the 4th day of a new server, the King and the Imperator may launch war on the other 5 states

War Declaration Rules:
After the 4th day, every Mon. Wed. Fri launches State War, every Tue. Thu. Sat. unlocks Global Field
00:00-19:00 of State War Day-is Declaration Period. Kings and imperators can click on State Military interface to launch wars
Declaration will cost 1m Treasury Fund.
After declaration, the war will start at 20:00-20:30.

Victory Requirements:
ATK wins: ATK can defeat the imperial Marshal in the rival Lumia in the allotted time
DEF wins: DEF can protect the Imperial Marshal in the allotted time

ATK Strategy:
ATK Route—>Angel of Healing or Guardian—>Mage of Holy Light or Darkness—>Guardian God
Raid Route: crackthe stone of Belvedere Plain, open a secret passage of Belvedere Plain-Lumia; after 5 mins, the passage will be sealed again
Imperial Marshal: the Mage of Holy Light at South Gate, Mags of Darkness at East will decrease 50% DMG To defeat the Imperial Marshal, ATK need to occupy Mags of Holy Light or Mags of Darkness to cause DMG to imperial Marsha .

DEF Strategy;
Protect the imperial Marshal in the allotted time
Loong and Guardian Angel, Angel of Healing, once defeated can't be taken back.
Mage of Darkness and Mage of Holy Light can be taken back.

Rise of Gods Tip #2: Global Field.
-Kings may declare war on targets of the Global Field. win the war to claim the territory!
-Each state can expand their territory in the Global Field. Be a dominator and get enormous rewards!

Global Field Participation.
Since the 4th day of a new server, Global Field is unlocked!
Since the 4th day, every Mon. Wed. Fri launches State War, even; Tue. Thu. Sat. unlocks Global Field
-From 0100-1 9:00. King and Imperator can declare war on the target; search for allies from 19:00-20:00; launch war from 20:00-20:30 .
Each Lv. 30+player can join the war and fight for their state!

Declaration Rules.
0:00-19:00 is time for declaration. Kings can declare war on the target in the Global Field!
Declaration will cost Treasury Funds, which can't be canceled once declared Bid.
Each territory may be targeted by several states. The state with the highest bid will claim the right to attack.
Once the King declares war, he may increase the bid by spending more Treasury Funds.
It takes wisdom to evaluate the status quo and win the bid with a reasonable price.

Available Territory.
States march to the inland after lending on the coastline
Therefore,territories on the coastline end territories that border the occupied ones may become targets of war
Expedition declaration can be conducted to distant inland, unless it's a capital.March Token is required in expedition declaration.

March Token:
March Token can be used to conduct expedition declaration or form an alliance on Global Field
A certain number of March Tokens ere granted at the beginning of each season.
Boost the grade of state to acquire March Token rewards; King and Imperator may buy March Token directly.

Rise of Gods Gift Code: rosnewbie.

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