Armored Kitten Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Combat, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Armored Kitten for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Armored Kitten Tip #1: Combat.
The colored arrows indicate if your creature's element is advantaged, neutral or disadvantaged against each enemy.
The green arrow means that you have the elemental advantage on the opponents. You will deal more damage against them.
The red arrow means that you have the elemental disadvantage on the opponents. You will deal less damage against them.
The yellow arrow means that you are neutral. Your damage won't be reduced, nor increased.

Auto-Fight allows you to pre-set Skills to be used during battle in a specific order.
This affects both Sweeps and your Defense Lineup, which activates when other players fight you in PVP.

Armored Kitten Tip #2: Monster Elements.
All the monster in Armored Kitten belong to one of the five elements. The element is communicated by the color of the level indicator hexagon and the border of the monsters. The colors / elements are as follows:

Color  |  Element
White     Air
Blue       Water
Red        Fire
Green    Earth
Black     Misfortune

The element of the monsters can affect their performance on certain levels.

Armored Kitten Tip #3: Symbols.
Swords stand for melee attack. Each sword causes one damage to the enemy, making the enemy lose either one heart or one shield as applicable.

Shields stand for defense. Each shield absorbs a certain amount of incoming damage (exact value on the right side of the health bar).

Bolts and stars stand for magic and luck respectively. They are used to match combos on playfield objects and to charge your dice in the front row.

Armored Kitten Tip #4: Stamina & Diamonds.
Stamina is used to Battle in the Campaign. Each Battle in the Normal Campaign costs 6 Stamina and each Battle in the Elite Campaign costs 12 Stamina.
Diamonds are used to purchase Chests that can contain a variety of Items and Stones depending on the Chest. They are also used to purchase extra stamina and for buying gold.

Armored Kitten Tip #5: Store.
Equipment as well as other items can be bought by using goods.
The store resets every 8 hours or use crystals to reset now.
You can buy items with Gold and Crystals.
Buy items in the Colosseum store with Colosseum Coins and they can be collected through Colosseum rewards.
Buy items in the tower store with tower coins and they can be collected through tower rewards.
Buy items in the guild store with guild coins and they can be collected through guild rewards.
Package store sells higher ability equipment with more value, and items can be purchased with crystals or cash.
More valuable items are displayed as the team Lv. increases.

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