Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Resources, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord Tip #1: Harvest.
Gather twigs, ore, fish, etc. by harvesting during an Adventure.
Tap the icon shown on the target and a resources will be dispatched to harvest the material.
As you level up and acquire more Resources. it becomes difficult to send individual Resources to harvest.
You can use the Resources Dispatch and Whistle buttons to dispatch all resources at your disposal and call them back.
Sometimes a Treasure Box icon may appear.
You can obtain materials as well as special rewards from Treasure Boxes

Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord Tip #2: Auto Play.
If you have multiple carts. you can use Auto Play.
Auto Play is a game mode that automatically harvests materials or engages in battle to produce outcomes after a certain amount of time.
Select a Cart. place resources in it. and press the Auto Play button to start Auto Play.
To activate Auto Play, the cart must contain resources at more than half its capacity.
To enable Auto Play, you must have one or more resources in your Cart capable of harvesting on the selected map.

Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord Tip #3: Tools.
Tools are very important in this game, you need tools to be able to obtain resources that are needed to craft specific items.
Crafting is what makes you survive and progress in this game but without the "tools" you cannot do crafting!
At first, you will be given a wooden tools to gather basic resources such as stones and woods.
Get those basic resources and craft a better tools!
Better tools means more faster, durable and can be able to obtain higher level resources.
Prioritize crafting better tools than other items such as items in mission lists.

Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord Tip #4: Increase Inventory Slot.
Collecting items requires inventory slots, increasing it will make your character carry more weapons, armors and resource items. It is also needed to craft multiple items which is important for crafting items that requires a lot of resources.
You can also increase your inventory slot with gems and gems are rare resources but you can purchase them using real money.

Chibi Survivor: Weather Lord Tip #5: Instant Spawn.
Whenever you get any resources from trees, stones and etc, they will disappear and re-appear at certain time (spawning time).
Fortunately, you can force them to instantly respawn by restarting the game.
To effectively do this, pick an area that has a lot of resources, get them as fast as you can and quickly exit the game and re-login. Once you relogin in the game, resources will spawn completely at 100%.
Animals will be also affected when you do this trick, they will instantly respawn to their starting locations.

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