Clash of Bellonas Cheats: Redeem Codes & 4 Best Tips for Bellonas, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Clash of Bellonas for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Clash of Bellonas Tip #1: Spirits Exchange.
1. Spirits will be acquired from instances with cards. Rare the card is more.
2. Additional free recruitment +50 Spirit with coins + 25 VIP +500.
3. Refreshment of Spirits Store will be activated when you reach VIP 8.
4. The Price of the Spirits of cards increases by each purchase.

Clash of Bellonas Tip #2: Onslaught of Stunt.
6 days! Lot of free gifts! Assisting to practice red stunts.
Complete daily tasks to gain rich reward.
To purchase Stunt Essence in the flash sale and which resets every day.

Clash of Bellonas Tip #3: Wheel of Fortune.
1. Free drawn on every 8 hours.
2. Accumulate your draws to claim award chest on weekly basis:
Total draw times resets on 24:00 every Sunday.

Clash of Bellonas Tip #4: Formations.
Dragon Formation: Greatly increases damage of Bayonet bellonas.
Tiger Formation: Greatly increases damage and dodge of Strategy bellonas.
Phoenix Formation: Greatly increases defence.
Turtle Formation: Restrain Strategy Formation.
Kylin Formation: Geeatly increases dodge rate and damage in Chase.

Clash of Bellonas Redeem Code: cobgift.

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