Dunk Nation 3X3 Cheats: Redeem Gift Codes & 3 Best Tips for Players, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dunk Nation 3X3 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dunk Nation 3X3 Tip #1: Controls.
Moving: Move the joystick to control your player and move to your advantage.
Shooting: Tap Shoot Button to shoot the ball and score points. Shoot inside the 3 point line for 2 points and outside the 3 point line for 3 points.
Fake. Press and hold to shoot, lightly press shoot is to do a fake.
Dunk: Just go straight at the basket and press and hold the shoot button to dunk.
Pass: Tap Pass to give the ball to teammates that have better position to attack! Teamwork is the key to winning. A good pass can be an assist. Pass ball to partner who has chance to score.
Drive: Drive breakthrough can get rid of defensive players, press the arrow keys and look for an open area to drive by pressing sprint.
Crossover: Tap crossover for a swift movement to get past defenders!
Shake Down: Do a successful crossover and you can shake the opponent down, good for creating a 4 vs 5 situation.

Dunk Nation 3X3 Tip #2: Improving your Player.
Skills: Upgrade skills to increase their effectiveness and have a chance to activate special effects.
Equip skills and play matchmaking games with others.
Training: Training can greatly improve player's attribute and unlock talents,
Rewards: Rookie missions grant huge rewards in early game. Challenge A.I. in Career and gain stars for rewards. Complete Daily Quest to gain team XP and special rewards. The rewards for clearing stages in career can only be obtained once, further clears will have different rewards.

Dunk Nation 3X3 Tip #3: Player Positions.
King of the Paint.
The Center is usually positioned in the paint area where he can rebound missed shots, block opponent's shot attempt or can put the ball in the basket. The Center position is the king of the paint!
Inside Stopper.
Center have better stats when it comes to defending the opponents shot attempt inside the paint.
No other position can defend inside better than the center position specially inside area.
Reliable Rebounder.
Centers are physically tall and they can rebound the ball easily, just time your jump well and you can rebound the ball at a higher chance.

Power Forward.
Rim Shatterrer.
Power Forwards have decent speed to be able to dunk or shatter the rim when they are open.
Paint Dominator.
Power Forward can defend the paint very well and can also offers offensive power in the paint as well.
Best Inside Scorer.
Power Forward doesn't have the rim protector of the Center but he has the offensive power of a shooting guard but in the paint area only.

Small Forward.
All Rounder.
They can pass, shoot, rebound, drive, dunk, steal and block.
Champion at both end.
Small Forwards can shoot and defend at any position.
Versatile Scorer.
Small Forward can be your alternative scoring option when the shooting guard doesn't shot well.
They can shot at midrange very well and they can drive for a layup or dunk.

Point Guard.
Team Leader.
Point Guard is the leader of the team because he dictates the tempo and ball movement of the team.
Play Runner.
Point Guard can create plays based on the position of each team-mates. Point Guards are very good at passing, specially on the open teammate.
Best Agility.
Point Guards have the best speed when it comes to running, setting a hard screen from your team-mate can create disadvantage for the opponent specially if your Point Guard is defended by a Center which has the lowest agility.

Shooting Guard.
Scoring Machine.
Shooting Guards can shoot layups, midrange jump shots and three point shots.
3 Point Shooter.
They excel at doing three point shots specially when they are wide open.
Shooting Guard can be your primary option when it comes to clutch time since Shooting Guards have higher shooting stats.

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