Final Kingdoms Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Final Kingdoms for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Final Kingdoms Tip #1: Bandit War.
Reach Lvl 35 to unlock Bandit War

1. You have chance to find bandits when play main instance.
2. Player will get 50 Exploits per use of Suppression Order when suppressing bandits. Or player can use 2 Suppression Order to have All-out Attack bonus.  The maximum of Suppression Order is 10. One hour recover one order.
3. 12:00-14:00, All-out Attack only consume one Suppression Order.
During 18:00-20:00, Bandit provide double feat.
4. You can solo or invite friends to attack bandit together.

1. Attacking bandit will gain feat. When feat reaches certain amount, player can get reward feat reward. As the level is up, the rewards will add too.
2. If the bandit has been killed, the finder and the last hit player will get diamonds reward.

3. If you get ranked in top 200 of Feat Rank and Damage Rank, you will get extra Exploits reward. Exploits can be used in Bandit Shop.
4.Feat reset every 24:00. And reward will be sent at the same time.

Final Kingdoms Tip #2: Plunder.
2.1 Unlock
When reaching lvl 15, player will unlock plunder.

2.2 How to get jewelry shard
1) Blue Jewelry:Can loot at any time
2) Epic or Above: These shards can be obtained in arena, shop, event and etc.

2.3 Rule
1) Can be seen on the loot list only when player has one shard of them.
2) When try to loot, there will be a successful rate: Lowest, Lower, Low, Normal, High, Higher, Highest. The higher quality the jewelry is, the lower the successful rate will be.
3) After the loot is successful, player can draw a card for reward. The reward is about gold, gear, hero, hero soul, etc.
4) Player can use truce token to protect being looted. At the same time, player can’t loot others as well.

Final Kingdoms Tip #3: Promotion System.
3.1 Unlock
Reach lvl 13 to unlock promotion system. Tap yellow arrow on the lower right, you can check the promotion.

3.2 Brief Introduction
Promotion can increase all the array heroes’ HP, ATK, MG-DEF,PHY-DEF
Getting promotion need Feat Token. Feat Token can be obtained from mail instance’s golden chest.

Final Kingdoms Tip #4: Energy System.
Energy is a shortage of props in the game. Main instance, Elite instance, Daily instance will cost energy.

4.1 How to get energy
1. One energy will recover 1 point per 6 mins.
2. During the event time: 12:00 - 14:00,18:00 - 20:00,21:00 - 22:00, eat chicken to get energy and diamond.
3.Buy Bun in the Shop to add energy
4.Chance to get in Plunder or Arena
5.Achievement Reward
6.Daily Quest Reward
7.VIP Gift Reward
8.Event Reward

4.2 Energy Recover
1.The maximum for system recover is 100/100. If energy is full, player can still use buns to add energy. That maximum is 500/100

Final Kingdoms Secret Code: Children (not Available for new Servers).
Final Kingdoms Gift Code: Kingdoms.

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