Game of Thrones: Conquest Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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GOT: Conquest by Warner Bros for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Game of Thrones: Conquest Tip #1: Siege.
Siege is like a running a marathon.
You are going to fight through waves and waves of other player's squad until you reach the castle.
You will receive reward for finishing each wave from your gift box.

You will receive reward for finishing each wave from your gift box.

There are prior conditions for yourself and warriors to join each siege battle.
You can check out the conditions from the siege's top screen.
Once you enter the Siege, only warrior who meets the condition will appear in the lobby screen.

You can keep fighting until you run out of active warrior.

When that happens, the game will not immediately terminate your current siege.
You can return to your city and try to raise new warriors to join the siege, or you can tap Retreat button to terminate your current siege.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Tip #2: Defensive Towers.
Archer Tower.
The archer tower is stationed with an archer, always on the alert.
If enemies are spotted, they will engage immediately, causing a single unit of damage.
This tower is a basic defensive structure for the kingdom.

Ice Tower.
Mages imbued this tower with the power of ice.
When it's activated, a heavy frost will descend upon your foes.
The damage is minimal, but your enemies movement and attack speed will be reduced greatly, making them an easy target for slaughter on the battlefield!

Garrison Tower.
This is where the garrison is stationed.
Enemies approaching the barracks will spur the soldiers on to assemble and defend their territory.
Remember, however, that it takes some time to assemble so many troops.

Trebuchet Tower.
The trebuchet flings rocks toward invading enemies.
It is long range and fatal, however it's difficult to hit a moving target and it takes a long time to reload.
You also can't attack enemies within close range!

Giant Crossbow Tower.
The giant crossbow tower can shoot arrows at higher speed, causing physical damage to a single target.
Don't get too close to a crossbow tower.
It will shoot you to pieces.

Light Tower.
Mages imbued this tower with the power of light.
When an enemy invades, lightning will be unleashed.
The enemy will receive fatal damage, but it takes time to recharge the tower, making it difficult to manage multiple enemies.

Mage Tower.
The Mages draw their power from the Mage Tower.
Their attack will not only damage the target, but it will also inflict the same damage on nearby enemies.
Your foes will find their armor useless when facing this magic!

Dragon Tower.
This is a powerful multi target defensive building.
This dragon on this tower bellows fatal flame onto approaching enemies, causing heavy magic damage.
Unfortunately, the dragon flame has a relatively short range of attack.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Tip #3: Function Buildings.
Hero Hall.
You can manage the heroes you have in the Hero Hall.
The size of the Hero Hall determines the number of heroes that can support you.

Council Chamber.
You can manage all the castles in the kingdom in the council chamber.
The more you improve the council chamber, the better you can manage the castle and produce more resources.

Scholar School.
Your scholars gather here to study the Unique items.
Unique items enhanced here will offer more power and provide better defense in battle.
Improving the Scholar Tower will enable you to carry more unique items into battle along with more initial mana.

You can use the smithy to upgrade and store traps and statues.
The smithy level determines the number of traps and statues you can maintain.

Diplomatic Hall.
Create or join a kingdom in the diplomatic hall,
More assistance can be obtained from other lords by increasing the level of the diplomatic Hall.

Drafting Room.
Expanding your kingdom's territory requires more exploration to complete the map.
Level up the drafting room to discover more of the map, then send your army to conquer more land.

Treasure Storage.
The treasure contains the kingdom's gold.
The size of the treasury determines how much gold the kingdom can store.

Wood Storage.
The Wood Storage contains the kingdom's wood.
The size of it determines how much wood the kingdom can stockpile.

Stone Storage.
The Stone Storage contains the kingdom's stone.
The size of the masonry yard determines how much stone the kingdom can hold.

Crystal Storage contains the kingdom's crystals.
The size of the vault determines how many crystals the kingdom can save.

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