Hero Odyssey Cheats: Redeem Gift Codes & 7 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hero Odyssey Tip #1: Hero Hall.
1. All of the owned heroes will appear in the Hero Hall.
2. Players can upgrade, reborn, salvage and combine heroes in Hero Hall.
3. The EXP required to upgrade heroes can be gained through battle or consuming EXP potions in the Hero Hall.
4. Two same quality heroes that maxed out in level and skill level can be combined into a higher star-level quality hero.
5. When upgrading hero's skill, the higher the quality of consumed hero is, the higher the success rate will be.
Success rate will increase after every failed upgrade.
6. Salvaging heroes can obtain a certain amount of EXP Potions as compensation.
7. 4-Star or above heroes can be reborn in Hero Hall.
Reborn of hero will result in a new same quality hero and diamonds or Rebirth Stones are needed.
8. Upgrade Hero Hall to send more heroes to battle!
But only one of the same hero can be deployed at the same time.

Hero Odyssey Tip #2: Edit Array.
1. The player can choose the hero, akantor and item they want to put into battle here.
2 The higher level the Hero Hall end Scholar Tower are, the more heroes and items that can be carried.
3. If akantor is killed in battle, it costs time to revive it. A recovering akantor cannot be carried into battle.
4. A player can spend gold coins to reinforce the troops carried by the hero.

Hero Odyssey Tip #3: Tavern.
1. There are two ways to explore e tavern prestige recruit or secret letter recruit.
Secret letter recruit will earn you richer rewards.
2. There ere 5 free prestige recruits daily
3. Every once in e while, you'll get e free diamond recruit chance.
4. A successful secret letter recruit 10 straight times will guarantee you a 5 star quality hero.

Hero Odyssey Tip #4: Build.
1. The higher the level of the castle, the more buildings that can be built.
2. The higher the level of the smithy, the more traps and statues that can be built.
3. Features Buildings will earn you a certain amount of player experience.
4. You can only construct one building at a time.

Hero Odyssey Tip #5: Friends.
1. Each player can have up to 50 friends.
2. One stamina can be gifted to each friend per day. Reset occurs daily at 0;00.
3. Private chat can only be initiated with friends.
4. If you are blocked, your friendship will be cancelled.

Hero Odyssey Tip #6: Achievements/Quests.
1. Each player accumulates a certain amount of activity when they complete a daily mission.
2. When a player reaches a certain level of activity, they will receive an activity chest.
3. Player activity will be resat daily at 0:00, and missions will be resat.
4. Each achievement can only receive a reward once.

Hero Odyssey Tip #7: Check In.
1. Sign in daily to receive rewards.
2. The more times you sign in, the greater the rewards.
3. Sign-in count will be refreshed at 0:00.
4. Sign-in rewards will be refreshed monthly. Rewards not retrieved will expire.
5. If you log in without proper sign-in, it won't count.

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