Kawaii Strike Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Sovereigns, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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KawaiiStrike: Cute to Kill by Elex for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Kawaii Strike Tip #1: Troops Skill Tips.

Mech Snake.
Spews out a stream of flame when it attacks, units hit will receive a burn damage effect, continuously dealing damage within 3s, and attack speed is reduced by 50%.
Burn effect can stack up to 3 times.
Tower unit attacks troops first.

Ties up the target, disabling it and dealing damage, the target will take additional damage during the effect.
Has no effect on buildings or sovereigns.
Ranged troop, attack sovereigns first.

Charges at nearby enemies, dealing [100%] attack damage and regeneration 15% of max hp for himself.
When an enemy die nearby, his skill cooldown will reset.
Melee troop attack troops first.

Shock Troop.
Attacks carry a paralyzing effect, disabling affected tower units and reduce building's attack speed by 50%.
Ranged troop attack building first.

Killer Ram.
Allied sovereigns can drive the chariot, gaining additional movement speed.
While moving forward it will knock airborne any enemy that dares stand in its way and deal damage to them.

Death Clock.
Summons a spinning clock towards the target location dealing [50% Attack Power] damage to the units on the clock every 0.5s enemy sovereigns skill cooldown is increased if standing within the clock area.

Spell Master.
Basic attack fires 5 projectiles which automatically pursue enemies in fron of it.
Each projectile deals [20% attack damage] to the target.
When your sovereign possess two or more Spell Masters, magical portals will appear next.

Getting mid-air vision. This troop's movement is not restricted by obstacles, and upon death it will explode, dealing AoE damage to nearby enemies and getting mid air vision at the spot of death for a period of time.

Turbo Drone.
Seeks nearby allied buildings, tower units, and cams along the lane and continuously regenerate HP for them (regenerate 100% Attack Damage as HP per second).

When attacking, fires a beam which will ricochet up to 3 times after hitting an enemy.
Each ricochet deals 100% attack damage to enemy units hit or raises attack power 30% for allied units hit, lasting 3s enemy sovereigns will also be silenced.

Abyss Maw.
When an enemy sovereign comes near, it will rush out from below, pursuing the enemy who disturbed it.
After coming above ground, all enemies who come close will receives a small amount of damage and get knocked back.

Conveyor Belt.
Produce a conveyor belt stretching forward. When a sovereign (enemy or allied) stands within the conveyor be;t area, he or she will be automatically transported to the end of the belt.
This effect will not repeat again for a short period of time.

Traffic Signal.
Enhances nearby tower units, giving them invisibility detection ability. Also attacks one nearby enemy non-building unit every 3 seconds.
The second attack towers target movement speed 30%.

Cream Tower.
Lobs cream to target and nearby enemies dealing damage and slowing down units hit, reduce sovereigns hero armor but deal no damage to them.
Tower unit, attack sovereign first.

Rainbow Planet.
Automatically summons a rainbow candy every 2s that rushes at nearby enemies.
The candy will self destruct when close to the enemy, dealing damage and stun sovereign targets.
Deals 200% damage to buildings.

Spark Bomb.
Pursues nearby enemies and explodes when it encounters a tower or barrack, dealing [100% attack damage] to nearby units.
Deals 100% additional damage to barracks will attack building first.

Spirit Lily.
Enhances nearby troop camps, raising their armor and magic resist 50pts and raising attack power for troops produced by the camps equivalent to 100% of it's attack power.

Volatile Fungus.
When enemy units come over, it self-destructs, dealing [ 100% Attack Damage] to non-building enemy units within 3m. Deals 150% damage to sovereigns.

Haunted Cannon.
Each attack fires a shot forward in 3 directions, each shot deals [100% Attack Damage] to units hit and knock back troops hit, tower unit, attack minions first.

Kawaii Strike Tip #2: Ladder Tips.
1. Division Rules. As players accumulate points in Ladder mode, they will move up the following divisions:
0-1499 Elite.
1500-1699 Master.
1700-1899 Epic.
1900-2099 Legend.
2099+ Supreme.

2. Points Rules: Points for 1v1 and 2v2 ladder are calculated separately.
Players begin with 1200 ladder points and gain points for winning ladder matches and lose points for losing matches.
Players can win more points for beating opponents with more points or for winning multiple matches in a row.

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