Kingdoms of Heckfire Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Wars., Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Kingdoms of Heckfire for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Kingdoms of Heckfire Tip #1: Dragons.
Feed some of those gristly goblin giblets in the dragon spire. The dragon altar will increase it's XP gain.
Each dragon has specialty and also a preference for a particular ecosystem. Check out each dragon bonuses in the dragon spire.
Knowing each dragon's strengths will lead you to fame and fondue! You'll look so sharp, people will you master doctor certified dragon expert PHD.
Join a clan to meet regular people. You can send and receive resources to and from clan members.
Whenever someone in your clan destroys a monster in the realm, everyone in your clan has a chance to earn a treasure chest.

If you want Dragon Shards to rank up dragons, you'll have to complete my dragon quests.
Every day you'll get new dragon quests, if you complete item them you'll earn dragon shards.
Dragon dressed up in monster relics can tier up, improving their strength, abilities and classiness.
Try hiring an ally at the wartorium. Allies increase the strength of your army and dragons.

Kingdoms of Heckfire Tip #2: Summoning.
You need to have the required resources of the card to summon the unit.
Tap on the card to summon and tap on the available tile/soldiers or drag the card to the
tile/soldiers to summon.
You need to move the unit if the unit is placed on the tile you're trying to summon at.
You need to move the unit that's occupying the base during the turn if you're trying to summon
on the advanced base.
Only Hero and Soldier can be used to summon and Tactic will be used to activate specific effects.
You can summon without a limit as long as you have enough resources.

Kingdoms of Heckfire Tip #3: Movement.
Tap on the unit and tap on the tile to move to or drag the unit to the target tile to move the unit
All units are able to move 1 tile in 4 directions. except for Riders.
Riders are able to move 2 tiles straight when the basic diagonal movement is activated.
You won't he able to move if units are placed on the tile you've selected.
All units, including the newly summoned units, can move 1 time during your turn.
You can end your attack turn without moving units.

Kingdoms of Heckfire Tip #4: Clan Chest.
Monsters in the realm sometimes drop monster chests for you and your clan.
Open Monster Chests to collect keys for your Clan.
As a Clan collect enough keys for clan chests with tons of sweet loot.
If you open enough chests from monsters, the clan chest will open. Earn many more and it will level up, improving it's rewards.

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