Lady Knights Cheats: Coupon Codes & 2 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Lady Knights by Pictosoft Co. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Lady Knights Tip #1: Forging.
Forge Upgrade.
You can upgrade weapons, armors, accessories, costumes, and their abilities increase when upgraded.
Upgrades require material equipment
Equipment with this grade can be upgraded up to Lv 20.
Equipment that reached Lv 20 can be upgraded again once imbued.
You can defeat stronger enemies with upgraded equipment with enhanced abilities.
Upgrading requires Upgrade Stones.
Upgrading may fail by chance after a certain Upgrade level.

Forge Rune
Increase weapon, armor, accessory, costume‘s ability by embedding runes in their rune socket.
You can embed runes to equipment for free.
Gold can be used to unembed runes but the rune gets destroyed, use Crystals to safely remove the rune without destroying it.
You can get runes from battle rewards
Equip runes to fight stronger enemies.

Lady Knights Tip #2: Heroes.
Hero Ability.
Lady Knights have heroes with variety of classes and abilities.
Able to check hero's Star Grade and possessed soul stones, level and required EXP, health, attack, defense and other details.
You can substitute heroes during battle.
You can change your representative hero by clicking on the hero in account menu.

Hero equipment.
Hero‘s equipment include weapons, armors, accessories, costumes.
Weapons and shields differ by heroes including, one hand sword, long sword, armors including helm, armor, gloves, shoes and accessories including earrings, necklace, and ring.
Weapons and armors can be only equip to the right classed hero.
Accessories can be equip by all heroes.
Equipment have 5 grades that include premium, rare, hero, legendary and can be equipt without any restriction.
Equipment ability can be enhanced by upgrading, imbuing and by changing options with runes.
Wear unique and different costumes to stand out from others.
Better equipment and costumes makes your heroes stronger and enables them to fight stronger enemies.

Hero Level.
All heros start from level 1 and can grow upto level 99.
Level up leads Heroes’ to become stronger by increasing Str, Dex, Int, HP and enhancing HP, atk, def and other detailed abilities.
Hero's level can be increased by battles in journey or by buying EXP potions in the store.
EXP potions can be obtained through rewards, store purchase, crystal purchase
A higher team level allows you to buy better EXP potions.

Hero Skill.
Heroes can learn 4 active, 4 passive
Each skills are learned when the hero reaches specific Star Grades.
Active skills can be executed during batted by pressing the skill slot, passive skills are automatically held throughout battles.
Each skills can be upgraded up to Lvl-99 with skill points or Gold
10 Skill Points are provided and when used
Use Crystals to instantly buy 10 Skill Points.
Skills with stronger effects make it easier to battle stronger enemies.

Hero Star Grade.
Star Grade exists from 1 Star to max 8 Stars
A Hero's Star Grade can be enhanced with the use of required amount of Soul Stones and Gold.
Heroes' ability enhances as their Star Grade becomes higher.
Collect Hero's Soul Stone by clearing Elite Dungeons on journey, or by opening premium chests and goods bought from the store.
Heroes with higher Star Grade can defeat stronger enemies.

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