Modern Combat Versus Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Modern Combat Versus: Online Multiplayer FPS by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Modern Combat Versus Tip #1: Vice Weapon.
Vice is not overpowered, what is overpowered is the running speed with VICE and automatic fire while scoping,
The movement speed with the weapon needs to be reduced, so it cannot be used to run and shoot randomly.
Its been abused now specially in enclosed spaces (most of the game is small space) with running speed boost and using it as assault rifle.
If the movement speed is heavily reduced (it. like the support class weapon) it will be a proper sniper gun. And take off the automatic fire op.

On this note, the running speed is really an issue with this game, on top of the lag which makes the issue worse.
One can constantly see players running like mad and 3-4 people shooting at them unable to hit them.
The recoil of the vice is almost non-existent, so you barely even have to aim with it at all - just hold down the trigger and mover the crosshair around the screen and get kills; it makes the weapon almost feel like a cheat code.

Modern Combat Versus Tip #2: Grinder Weapon.
Grinder seem to be too powerful as well, maybe the rate of fire is wrong, it kills too fast.
My take on the Grinder is that it's hip-fire is too good, and you can just spray at enemies halfway across the map without aiming down the scope and still score kills;
I think the Grinder should be less effective when hip-firing and require the player to aim more when using it for maximum efficiency.

Modern Combat Versus Tip #3: Morph Weapon.
My take on the Morph is that it's basically somewhere in between a Recon and an Assault; if the player is agile then it's a formidable class in close-mid range combat, and the Shield ability if used right can boost its survivability; but at longer ranges it's going to be outclassed by Assault; and you don't want to charge head-on against Sappers or Heavies; you'll have to rely more on finesse as with the Recon in close quarters.
I don't play as it regularly, but my take on why it's considered "meh" so often is that it really needs Skills and at least a Tier 4 weapon in order to stand out; Skills like Overload, better protection for Limbs, and faster Strafing speed really do give it a good edge.
The other issue that I see are that its lower-tier weapons are underwhelming; the Tier 1 and 2 guns are fairly weak in higher leagues, and the Tier 3 (MUC) is like the AAW-1; so you'll need at least a Tier 4 to have a formidable edge.
If GL reduced the price of the Morph, and let you get 7 blueprints from Morph packs instead of just 3, then I think this would give it more use.
For that matter, they should also add daily Activities where you can earn credits with the Morph, since right now it's the only class which doesn't have that available.

Modern Combat Versus Tip #4: This is not "Pay to Win".
That being said, the MC games (up to this point) are definitely NOT pay to win.
Pay to win means that the high level / expensive stuff is much better, usually to the point that you can have no real skill & still win.
People keep confusing "pay (a lot) to get certain equipment" w/"pay to win."
Yeah, a game might be expensive, but if the stuff is still balanced it's just expensive, not pay to win.
Often times you'll get some top tier equipment and discover it's not that special & never really even use it.
In fact that happens more often than not because the game is balanced & NOT pay to win.

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