SIEGE: Titan Wars Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Decks, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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SIEGE: Titan Wars by Game Alliance for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

SIEGE: Titan Wars Tip #1: Warrior Deck.
There are 5 main categories you should consider when putting a good Warrior Deck:

1. Tanks - They soak most of the damage for longer and generally "hold the line"
2. Siege - These are the ones who need to deal massive damage to structures from far back
3. Snipers - The are long ranged units who should attack both ground and air
4. Warriors - They are generally weaker but can do substantially more damage than Tanks in the front lines. They also help to inflict damage on Titans.
5. Healers/Support - These folks help battles by providing sustain heal or increased attacking bonus

You can only have 4 so you need to balance how you want to approach your battles and use the terrain perc stats to your advantage during the first 60 secs.

You will also need to cope the weakness of your warriors with Spells that can fit the gap.

On top of that you should reduce the amount of MANA consumption per card as much as possible when choosing your categories/roles. Average between 2 and 2.5 is ideal.

SIEGE: Titan Wars Tip #2: Spells.
Growth seems better to me than haste.
+50% damage and +50% health for 2 mana
Haste is 70% speed boost for 3 mana.

So per mana, they have almost the same damage boost, but growth gives + health too, and lasts longer.
I'm not saying haste is bad or anything - It seems quite balanced, but not better than growth
Almost every top player uses Wind elemental, It deals damage even though it is frozen.
And some people have described buying Rage orcs when they were new as: "The Winning Move"
Gyrocopters is also VERY Good! (against Rage orcs too)

I would say must have spells right now is:
(Trebuche + hold the line)
Wind elemental
Rage orcs

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