Space Commander Cheats: Event Codes & 5 Best Tips for CMDR, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Space Cmdr by DD Joy Games/GameGou for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Space Commander Tip #1: Chaos Battlefield.
Players have 2 challenge chances every day in Chaos Battlefield.
Enemies will appear continually after the battle has started.
Players can loot any items that have dropped out of defeated enemies. Only when all 12 waves of enemies been wiped out, can players collect looted items.

Then players can choose to continue or quit the battle.
If you quit, the progress will be saved until next time players enter the challenge. (The completion will be reset on next day)
If the players’ connector is killed, or has quit the battle while fighting, the player will be defeated.

Space Commander Tip #2: Special Mission.
There are 2 types of Special Missions that will be opened every day.
The time the events open will be displayed in the event countdown timer.
You can get valuable materials, money, and experience items in these missions.

Each type of mission can be finished between 2 to 5 times per day after they open.
Different difficulty levels will have the same number of battle chances.
Each week, there will be a designated day where all the Special Missions will be opened, so be sure to check the countdown.

Space Commander Tip #3: Team Arena.
In Team Arena, auto-battle will use units and skills in the sequence you arranged before match.
You will gain a medal after winning a match, and lose a medal after losing a match.
Matches that result in a draw game will not effect your medal count.

There are 6 ranks in total: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master and Challenger; and there are 5 grades in each rank, except for Challenger.
You will be promoted to the next rank upon earning enough medals, but losing medals will also cause demotion.

If you quit the match or disconnect during combat, the match will be counted as a loss.
When an opponent is located, you will have 90 seconds to adjust your team before the match begins.
The Arena Committee will send rewards via in-game mail at the end of each day according to you rank at that time.

The Arena Committee will also send rewards at the end of each season according to your highest rank for the whole season.

Space Commander Tip #4: Expedition.
In Expedition mode, you should try to defeat other player teams to loot their resources, including money, materials, and expedition points.

In each expedition, connectors’ HP will not recover, and any defeated connectors will not be able to fight again in the same expedition.
If the match reaches the time limit, the match will be counted as a draw, and the HP of both connectors will be saved.

Expedition will keep your current progress and will not be reset unless you manually tap the “Reset” button.

Space Commander Tip #5: Blacksmith.
You can pay the blacksmith to forge a weapon for you.
To forge a weapon, you need weapon's blueprint and materials.
You can find weapon's blueprint from playing in campaign mode or an event, or your warrior might give you one.
You can find the materials from playing in both campaign mode and combat mode. Some advance materials can be crafted.

The time required to complete is different for each weapon. If you're in a hurry, you can spend Gems to finish the weapon right away.

When Blacksmith's level is increased, you'll be able to forge multiple weapons simultaneously.
To increase blacksmith's level, increase your population to receive renovation idea from your citizen.

When you combine several identical weapons together, the weapon will be refined. With increased degree pf refinement, the status and plus effect of that weapon is elevated.

Space Commander Event Code: giftbag (limited time only).

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