Tales of the Rays Cheats: 3 Best Tips for AP, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tales of the Rays by BANDAI NAMCO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tales of the Rays Tip #1: Mirrage.
Expanding Mirrage Capacity.
You can expand the amount of inventory space you have for Mirrages by spending Mirrogems.
To do so, select "Menu" and then "Shop." {Note that weapons and Mirrages have different capacity limits.)

Limit Boosting Mirrages.
Limit Boosting Mirrages allows you to increase their maximum ievei capacity.
To do so. you'll need the Mirrages you wish to Limit Boost. additional copies of that Mirrage to use as materials, and Gald. [An "additional copy" has exactly the same name as the Mirrage you wish to Limit Boost.)
Note that the extra Mirrage copies used to Limit Boost a weapon will be consumed after use.

Friend Point Summons.
Performing Friend Point summons dispenses random weapons and materials in exchange for Friend Points. Friend Points are earned by taking friends on quests, or by being selected as a friend in another player's quest.

Enhancing a Mirrage Artes.
Enhancing a Mirrage Arte raises its level, providing increased power and sometimes
additional effects. To enhance a Mirrage Arte. you'll need a Mirrage with the Arte you
wish to enhance attached, Mirrage Arte enhancement materiais, and Gald.
Note that the materiais used to enhance a Mirrage Arte wiil be consumed after use.

Enhancing Mirrages.
You can enhance equippable Mirrages to boost their levels and stats.
To do so, you'll need the Mirrage you Wish to enhance. the Mirrage matenals needed to enhance it, and Gald.
Note that materials used to enhance Mirrages will be consumed after use.

Mirrage Artes.
Mirrages grant access to Mirrage Artes to characters who can equip them.
The character will be able to use the Mirrage Arte in combat so long as the Mirrage is
Note that even characters who are unable to use the Mirrage Arte may equip the Mirrage in order to benefit from its stats.

Tales of the Rays Tip #2: Increasing AP Capacity & AP Consumption.
You may receive AP Orbs as a reward for completing quests.
When you collect three AP Orbs. your AP capacity will increase

You must spend AP to embark upon a quest
The amount of AP required varies per quest.

AP Recovery
AP recovers at a rate of 1 AP for every 3 real-world minutes. Alternatively, you can select "Menu" and "Shop." then spend Mirrogems to replenish it.
Any remaining AP will be added on top of your replenished AP.
(AP will not recover over time if your current AP exceeds your maximum AP capacity. Also. you can't replenish AP if it's already full.)

Tales of the Rays Tip #3: Bridge and Gift Box.
This is the screen where your adventure begins.
You can read notifications here, check your Gift Box, and more.
You can also enjoy the reactions of the members of your Favorited party.

You'll find earned rewards and other presents in your Gift Box.
Unclaimed gifts disappear 30 days after delivery. so make sure to check it Often.

Performing summons dispenses random Mirrages and weapons.
You can spend either Mirrogems. but not a combination of the two.
The chance of receiving an individual item has been set by an odds table. Select "Breakdown" to view the odds table.

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