The Prison Boys Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Story Walkthrough, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The Prison Boys for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The Prison Boys Tip #1: Tickets and Saving.
You receive 5 daily tickets at 5 am every day but if you want to read further on in the story you will have to wait until the next day or buy tickets from the Ticket Shop.
The maximum number of daily tickets you are given is 5. However, there is no limit to how many tickets you can hold if they have been purchased or received as part of a gift/special promotion.

*The Prison Boys has an automatic saving system.
‘It is not possible to save in the middle of a chapter or save manually.
‘If you would like to play another chapter again. go to MY PAGE and select the chapter.

The Prison Boys Tip #2: Usage of Records.
Using items on the background :
During “Search Mode" you can select and use items on the background.
Using items with the characters: You can show the records to characters by opening “Records” and tapping on the character while they're stationary.

When you want to look into the rooms and things, please tap “Check” and switch to “Search Mode
Nothing will occur by touching the normal screen

Items in Records become selectable by tapping the icon once.
Tapping the item again will display its details.
Items and characters can be changed in “Records

The Prison Boys Tip #3: Investigations.
The purpose of Investigation is to find out information and truths about the characters by pointing out their inconsistencies.

You can place the contradictory things by selecting an item or character and then tap the item or the character standing in front of you.

‘The gauge's value decreases when you fail to question correctly and the game will be over if it reaches zero.
In that case. you will need to select stages again. ‘Investigation Gauge will be saved with each chapter.

The Prison Boys Tip #4: Game Playing Tips.
If you get stuck during the story you should go through and see if there is something you have missed in your past actions.

Check all the conversations with the characters.
There may be conversations that you have not listened to.
Let's talk positively to the characters! Perhaps the story develops by using items

Find out everything with Search Mode.
It is possible something will alter when a different character goes to the same location. You should double-check sites.
Items you think are unnecessary may help you if you use it in a particular location.

The Prison Boys Tip #5: Multi-Ending.
This story has multiple endings.
Depending on the choices you make and what you use, you will receive different endings.
If you get stuck. you can check the “Hints” from the stage selection menu.
It is possible to branch off into different stories by playing past chapters again.
Try to get all the endings!

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