Torchlight Mobile Cheats: Gift Codes & 5 Best Tips for RPG, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Torchlight Mobile: The Legend Continues by Efun/Free Joy for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Torchlight Mobile Tip #1: Hero Statue Guide.
1. If any Guild ranks 1st in Arena Leaderboard.
Honor Coliseum Leaderboard or Guild War Leaderboard, its Guild Master statue will be built on Here Square.
This is to reorganize their great contributions.
2. All hero statues will refresh at 21 :00 every day according to Leaderboards.
3. Each player can pay tribute to any hero up to 3 times a day.
4. 10.000 Gold can be obtained by paying tribute to heroes!
5. You can‘t pay tribute again immediately after tribute is paid.
Tribute attempts are reset at 11:00, 16:00 and 21 :00 every day. Don't miss it!
6. For 3 heroes who are paid tribute, more times of being paid tribute bring them more rewards! Rewards will be sent to heroes who have been paid tribute by mail at 21:00 every day.

Torchlight Mobile Tip #2: Skill Guide.
1. All classes have 6 Cores to upgrade.
2. Any Core inserted into the Skill Slot attains its skill.
3. Another Core inserted into the Power Slot enhances the current skill.
4. Available Cores number is up to 6.
5. [Random Recommend] recommends you a special set of skills combination randomly.
6. [Drill Field] button autopilots you lo the Drill Field for multifarious skills combination.
7. It's free to store your desirable combination for future pick at any time.
System supports to store 6 sets of skills combination at most.
8. You may have up to 36 skills and 120 skills combinations.

Torchlight Mobile Tip #3: Pets Guide.
1. Here. you may drag the pet icon into target squad to deploy 3 pet squads
2. Pet deployed would surround you to assist fight in adventure
3. Deploy a Main Pet and a Assist Pet in a squad to trigger Pets Combo
4. [Spell Tome] button is for equipping Spell Tome in pets squad
5. [Equipment] button is for equipping Collar and Tag in pets squad
6. [Pet Shop] button is for the Pet Shop where you may purchase goods with Versatile Animae or Diamonde
7. Pet Dissolving allows you to vanish the selected pet, exchanging into fair amount of Versatile Animae

Torchlight Mobile Tip #4: Pets Inform Guide.
1. Star-Up promotes the pet star by each one star promoted. the pet grants bonus attack, armor, crit and other battle attributes by 25% from each Lv. Up
2. To Lv. Up. you can feed the pet with EXP Shrimp for higher level.
3. To Rank UD. You can feed the pet with Grade-Up Roe for better attributes.
4. Rebirth erases your pet all the way back to the original, refunding materials consumed on raising this pet
5. Basic tab shows detail attributes of the pet.

Torchlight Mobile Tip #5: Arena Guide.
After witnessing the spectacular of Cogs Arena.
Tomur the Adventurer decided to copy a Raccoon Arena in the Raccoons.
Here, you are free to fight against worldwide heroes with might. maneuver and mind.
1. Challenge an opponent matched in each duel, time limits within 2 minutes.
2. Any potion or revival is not allowed during the duel;
3. The challenger wins, then the ratings exchange.
4. Prizes would be delivered by 9:00 pm. everyday according to the ratings.
5. Alter each challenge, you would gain the cartel prize regardless of the result.
6. Once some winning streak is qualified. you could gain generous prize for it.
7. You may purchase treasured goods from the arena vendor
8. The system records your recent 20 duel reports.

Torchlight Gift Code: BV6Y93NB4YTKM9.

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