Traffic Panic Boom Town Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Cars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Traffic Panic Boom Town by Neon Play for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Traffic Panic Boom Town Tip #1: Collecting Coins.
Tap anywhere to change the lights to green and tap again to change the lights back to red.
When the light turns green, the cars can across vertically in the intersection.
Each vehicle that gets across the intersection collects coins.
You keep these coins even if you crash. Try to collect as many as you can!
Keep controlling the traffic to earn more coins.
You can use the coins you've collected to expand the town.
Buildings earn Coins for their intersection. Buildings can attract a lot of new people to your town.
Upgrades cost building Cards and Coins. Keep clearing intersections and expanding the town.

Traffic Panic Boom Town Tip #2: Car Crash and Repair.
Each car takes damage every time you race. The higher car classes can participate in only a few races before requiring repairs.
Also, the more upgrades you have installed, the greater the damage your car will receive during a race. If left unchecked, damage will affect your torque and weight and will result in worsened performance from that car during that race.

You can repair your car in the lobby after each race, or in the Garage.
You can choose to reduce the waiting time for that repair by using DIAMONDS or by watching an ad.

Traffic Panic Boom Town Tip #3: Car Performance on Weather and Boosts.
The two things that change the most under different weather conditions the time needed to reach the starting line when launching, and the shift—zone patterns (the car's green RPM area changes location).

Boosts provide a small amount of Torque, which can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Traffic Panic Boom Town Tip #4: The Boom Box Festival.
The Boom Box Festival is needed to get fans into the venue.
Play the game and you'll earn tickets to win exclusive prizes.
Tap the (i) above the boom box to see how many prize tickets you have earned, and what you can win.
The more tickets you earn, the more prizes you win. So keep playing!

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