Turbo Town Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Improving Town, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Turbo Town for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Turbo Town Tip #1: Gameplay.
Rule 1 of success: Your time is too valuable to ever do any actual work or produce anything of value.
That's for losers, we're winners.
Take a look at the Town Hall. Buildings like this are where people go to work.
These mooks pour the sheetrock and hang the concrete.
You can take a look at the jobs here. They produce resources based on their upgrade level and applied boosts.

Some buildings enhance the productivity of surrounding buildings.
You sling burgers, they go into mouths. Trust me, a fat face is a pre-diabetic happy face. And they do it for us, it's tremendous.

We love farmers, we really do! They're the heart of this big cube thingy in the sky. And since there is no day/night cycle they don't ever sleep.

Have you every had a fine line of boosts that kept you till 3AM tirade? No? Well it's time to become a winner! Straight from the 80's, these boosts will increase the ever loving fluff out of your building production!

The illegals are taking all of the jobs every single one. That's why we live on a floating cube thing, you can't tunnel under something that floats! Tap on that resource and assign some shmuck to work. If he's lucky he'll get trickled down on.

Roads are things that the people use to get to their pretend jobs. I find them to be lousy and full of angry shouting people.
Maybe if they one of my pretend jobs they would have less time to shout.
Build some roads so you can connect our real estate so we can make "Jobs".

Shortcuts are the key to life. The hardest workers use and inhale all kinds of shortcuts! Lucky for you, the first one is free and you can get it for every 10 minutes. You better take this opportunity to get hooked! Tap the bolt to enter a new stage of business and make all of your buildings somehow more productive.

Want to earn some Bucks? Trust me, it's easy. Just watch a video ad from one of their esteemed sponsors and you will get 20 Bucks.

Turbo Town Tip #2: Controls.
- Tap on buildings to access their information.
- Tap and hold on buildings to re-position them.
- Tap the arrows on the bottom center Camera Gizmo to turn the camera. Tap the T for a top down view.
- Pinch and stretch to zoom the camera in and out.
- Tap down and move to pan the camera.
- Tap on resources to gather them.
- Apply more population to resources to get bigger bonuses.

Turbo Town Tip #3: Objectives.
- Assigning population to resources will allow them to clear out land and collect raw resources which buildings use for jobs.
- Jobs are unlocked on buildings by assigning population to them and Upgrading them.
- Buildings can be placed through the buildings menu, but buildings must be placed right by a road.
- Upgrading buildings also improves their production and reduces their time to complete.
- You can assign boosts you acquire to buildings by tapping on the items tab while viewing a building‘s information.
- Some buildings enhance other buildings by being near them. Affected buildings are highlighted when the building is selected.
- Many buildings require advanced materials for them to be built. Try unlocking jobs on resource collectors and factories to produce these.
- Different buildings cost different amounts to upgrade. Usually you just want to upgrade a building until you hit your next job. However, buildings like Resource Collectors, Lumberyards, Quarries etc.) are cheaper to upgrade and can produce high demand building materials.

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