Ultimate Tennis Revolution Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Tennis, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Ultimate Tennis Revolution for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Ultimate Tennis Revolution Tip #1: Starting Character.
Counter Puncher.
Defensive player with strong health and fast foot walk.
Counter puncher with more defensive handling.

Hard Server.
Leading game with powerful serve.
Hard server with heavy serve, aiming for opponent's weakness.

Style harmonized with attack and defense.
All rounder with balanced ability, perform various kind of play.

Ultimate Tennis Revolution Tip #2: Controls.
Press the virtual pad until the outer and inner circles overlap.
After dragging to the left or right, release the button to hit the ball to the desired location.
You can smash balls floated high in the air. Try smashing the ball near the net.
You can use skills by pushing up on the swing button.
Move to the indicated position by pressing the directional key at the bottom when serving.
You can serve after moving by pressing the swing button.

Ultimate Tennis Revolution Tip #3: Enhancing your player will upgrade their stats. 
Follow the steps below!
1. From the Main Lobby, Go to [Manage Team].
2. Select a player then tap on the [Player Information] button.
3. You will need a duplicate card of the player in order to enhance them. Tap on the [Upgrade] button with the correct amount of player card required to confirm the upgrade in character's stats.

Ultimate Tennis Revolution Tip #4: Buy Dresses.
Outfits for your player are acquired from the Shop by using Gold.
1. Tap on the Dress Room button on the lower right in the player preview screen.
2. Tap the Shop button below to enter the Dress Shop.
3. You can choose whether to Draw once or 10 times with a Bonus.

Ultimate Tennis Revolution Tip #5: Basic items of the game.
1. Gold - the in-game currency used for purchasing items,  player enhancement, and other upgrades. Gold can be acquired from World Tour or purchasing from the shop.
2. Coins - premium currency used for upgrades, replenishing Energy, and purchasing special packages. You can also purchase Coins from the Shop and can be acquired through Team Mission and Daily Log-In.

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