Wagers of War Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Cards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Wagers of War for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Wagers of War  Tip #1: Warfare
Warfare is the battle that occurred between units according to your attack order or the opponent's attack order.
Tap on the unit you want to attack with and tap the target or drag to the target to attack.
Units will battle 1:1 in warfare.
Utilize the branch and battle trait during warfare to lead your team to victory.
All summoned units will have 1 attack chance during your turn.
Heroes with the Leadoff Attack Skill will he able to attack first before the opponent counterattacks during warfare.
Heroes with the Leadoff Counterattack Skill will be able to counterattack first before the opponent attacks during warfare.
You can end your turn without using the attack chance.
The MAX value ofthe Attack Power Increase, Defense, and Critical Hit Activation Rate is 80%

Wagers of War  Tip #2: Branch Traits.
You need to combine the Heroes and soldiers of the same branch to activate the Branch Trait and either one can he summoned first.
Heroes with the Unifying Cry Skill can combine with soldiers regardless of the branch to activate the Branch Trait and the branch of the soldiers will be changed to match the Hero's.
You can activate soldiers that haven't been activated or cancel the activation of the activated soldiers with Tactic Cards.
The attack range ofArchers will be increased to 2 tiles when the Branch Trait is activated.
Riders will be able to move 2 tiles straight and pass through ally units when the Branch Trait is activated..
Spearmen will be able to recover the HP at the beginning of each turn when the Branch Trait is activated.

Wagers of War  Tip #3: Card Exchange.
You'll be able to change your cards before the battle begins with the Card Exchange
Cards selected with the Card Exchange will be the cards for the first hand.
You can select all cards to exchange once.
Card Exchange is not available in the Arena and for some Challenges.

Wagers of War  Tip #4: Wagers of War  Tip #2: Card Rules.
Cards placed on the bottom of the screen to be used are called the hand cards.
You'll draw cards from the remaining cards to add to the hand.
Remaining cards are the cards that are in the deck that haven't been used.
Up to 6 cards can be added to the hand and cards drawn over the limit will remain in the deck.
[Tactic Cards will be stacked.)
You can have up to 6 cards as the hand cards and an additional card will be drawn instantly when you have less than 6 cards.

Wagers of War  Tip #5: Victory Point.
Earning points is one of the three victory conditions and the user that reaches 3Opts first will win the battle. The victory point for the Arena is 20pts.
You'll win the battle instantly if you reach the designated victory point when your turn begins.
1pts will be given whenever your turn begins from the headquarter tile.
Additional points will be given according to the number of occupied resource bases and advanced bases when a turn begins.