Adventure Time Run Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Characters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Adventure Time Run Game by Cartoon Network for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Adventure Time Run Tip #1: Controls.
First up! Check out the HP gauge on top! You can run until the gauge is empty. Keep an eye on it.
That HP gauge will keep running down but drains faster if you crash into things. Be careful, buddy!
Swipe right or left to avoid obstacles. Swipe up to jump some obstacles over it.
Swipe down to roll under obstacles that can't be jump over or change lane.

Adventure Time Run Tip #2: Monster Battles.
The controls are slightly different in monster battles, but don't sweat it.
Swipe anywhere on screen to move left and right.
Dodge the monster attacks and defeat them all.
Don't worry about your HP running out in these portals.
You need make your way to the end of this icy cave to escape the Ice King.
Swipe to dodge Ice King's magic attacks.

Adventure Time Run Tip #3: Jump Pads.
Jump on Jump Pad to glide through the air and get tons of coins and badges.
Jump Pads come in many shapes and sizes, like mushrooms... so look out for them.
Swipe left and right to collect all the coins and badges! The more you grab, the more points you'll earn.

Adventure Time Run Tip #4: Character Pieces.
Character Pieces are one of the rarest items in the game.
Use them to upgrade the unique skills of each unlockable character.
Character Pieces can upgrade unique skills while other skills require Coins.
Finn's Adventure Time skill lets you stay longer in Portals. Upgrade it to explore more and more!
You can check the skill's upgrade status by looking at the skill gauge.
Don't forget to upgrade your skills and collect treasures while on your adventures, before you know it, you'll be the most adventure in the Land of Ooo!

Adventure Time Run Tip #5: Other Tips.
Get 4 Power Rungs to swap runners. Runners on the sidelines recover HP!
Clear Portals Modes to earn Mystery Box rewards.
Collect Character pieces to upgrade character unique skills.
The shape of the Jump Pad will change depending on the episode.
Evolve your treasures to earn extra rewards!
If you upgrade your buddy up to 3 levels, you can use your buddy skill.
Get character pieces from treasure draws and mystery boxes.

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