Dawn Rising Cheats: Gift Pack Card Codes & 3 Best Tips for Battle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dawn Rising by Eyougame SEA for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dawn Rising Tip #1: Battle.
1.Player HP gauge: You will be unable to fight when it reaches 0. The red gauge gradually recovers so long as you don't take damage.
2.Magi gauge: When full, you can use Magi. Increases as time passes and with specific actions.
3.Map: You can check the location of portals and other Hunters here.

You may be affected by various kinds of status ailments while on the field.

- Poison/ Deadly Poison: Continuous damage.
- Burn: Continuous damage; can be put out by rolling with Dodge.
- Paralysis: Unable to move.
- Slow: reduced movement speed.
- Freeze: immobility and continuous damage; can be freed by ally's attack.
- Slip: Hinders movement.
- Silence: Cannot use Magi.
- Stun: immobility; tap repeatedly to shorten time
- Ink: Decreased vision; shorten by flicking.
Status ailments recover with time or by using Status Recovery Magi.

Numbers shown when fighting monsters have the below meanings.

Numbers shown above monsters
- White: Damage dealt to monster.
- Yellow: Elemental damage dealt to monster.
- Orange: Damage dealt to monster when fatigued or weak point attacked Numbers shown above player.
- Red: Damage dealt with non-elemental attack.
- Pink: Damage dealt with Fire attack.
- Green: Damage dealt with Earth attack.
- Yellow: Damage dealt with Lightning attack.
- Blue: Damage dealt with Water attack.
- Yellow-green: HP recovered.

Dawn Rising Tip #2: Magi.
You can use Magi on the field by equipping Magi to your weapon's Magi slot.
Each type of Magi can be activated when its gauge is full. With specific actions, attacks and with time, Magi gauge will increase.

Red Magi is called Attack Magi, and is equipped to weapons.
Attack Magi allows you to activate skills which inflict massive damage on monsters.
As attack amount depends on the weapon's non-elemental ATK and elemental ATK, ATK increases by combining Magi elements and weapon elements.

Blue Magi is called Support Magi, and is equipped to weapons.
Support Magi allows you to add special effects to your weapons, like increasing DEF, and even lay out traps on the field.

Green Magi is called Recovery Magi, and is equipped to weapons.
Recovery Magi allows you to recover HP and heal status ailments.

Yellow Magi is called Ability Enhance Magi.
Unlike other Magi, it is equipped to armor.
Ability Enhance Magi effects are passive, and don't require activation on the field.
Stats like HP and ATK are increased.

Dawn Rising Tip #3: Summon/Shop.
In Summon, you can obtain Behemoths by using Gems and Summon Tickets.
Players who host a Quest party are guaranteed to earn rewards when a Behemoth is defeated.
Different kinds of equipment can be forged using these rewards and other materials.
*If Hunters fail to complete the quest, the same quest may be challenged again.
Quests have an expiration of 90 days after obtainment. After expiration, they will be automatically converted to Tablets of that
Behemoth and sent to your Gifts.
Tablet conversion may take some time.
In Magi Summon, you can obtain Magi which can be equipped into weapons and armor.

Obtained Magi can be equipped in equipment from the Armory and in equipment details.
Some Magi can only be equipped in specified equipment and slots.
You'll find many uses for equipping Magi as you grow your equipment collection.
You can buy various items to help you on your journey by selecting "Purchase |tems".
View your items by selecting "Inventory" on the Town screen and then the "|tems" icon above.
Select an item to see its description and tap "Use" to use it.
Each individual item requires a number of Gems.

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