Desert Island Fishing Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Fishing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Desert Island Fishing by Springloaded for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Desert Island Fishing Tip #1: How to catch a fish.
Desert Island Fishing is a game with hundreds of items to find!
The objective of the game is to unlock all the islands and find all the fish.
Try to swipe up to cast in a smooth motion and release your finger at the depth you are aiming for.
If you are too slow the bar will turn red, and your hook will not go very deep.

When the green catch bar is on the screen, hold your finger to try and pull the fish in and release it to let the line go slack.
Keep the marker inside the green section of the bar to land the fish. If a fish is too challenging you might need to level up the character or buy a hook.

Desert Island Fishing Tip #2: Level Up & Trades.
You will need to level up the different characters in order to catch all the fish.
Skill Points are earned by completing trade sets that can be seen inside the journal.

Completing special trades is the best way to unlock new characters.
When you see a trade with a character attached, try to complete those trades to unlock more of the world.

Desert Island Fishing Tip #3: New Characters & Events.
Each character in the game has their own story to tell. Fishing more with each character unlocks more of their lives by tapping on the messages button in the world map screen.

Once you have unlocked all the characters and fond all the normal fish in the game, your goal will be to compete in daily events, play with friends to reach top ranks, and customize your islands.

Desert Island Fishing Tip #4: Getting Money.
There are many ways to earn more money. Watching adverts via the small tv icon activates a x2 multiplier on your earnings from selling and catching fish.
Also you can use the aquarium to store your most valuable fish and earn money from visitors.

Desert Island Fishing Tip #5: Using the Right Hook!
Hooks temporarily boost your stats, helping you catch extra tough fish.
Some hooks also make it easier to get a bite on your line by slowing down the hook speed in the hook mini-game.

Desert Island Fishing Tip #6: Island Customization.
You can place the things you can catch on your island.
To start with you can only place 5 items per island, however, unlocking an island's pet increases this value to 15.