Epic Summoners Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Summon, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Epic Summoners Game by FeelingTouch for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Epic Summoners Tip #1: Adventures.
Receive exp. soul shards, gold and other spoils of war from Gate of Adventure auto-battles.
The more difficult the levels you pass, the greater the rewards.
A certain time after starting a stage, a combat event will be triggered for which you can earn rewards.
After completing combat events in your exisiting stage and reaching the required level, you will be able to enter the next stage.
Auto-battles can last for a maximum of 8 hours before they stop producing rewards.
Depending on the level of difficulty, rare items, including hero shards, artifact fragments. statue fragments. and Task Manuals will be dropped for you to collect.
The Gate of Aduenture is divided into three difficulty levels, ordinary, hard and hell.
You must clear one before being able to move onto the next.

Epic Summoners Tip #2: Combat.
Both side's heroes will attack heroes located in their enemy's front row.
You need to arrange the line-up according to the heroes rankings and strengths.
Smart positioning is hey to ensure victory.

Between camps there exists a restraint system.
When a camp is restrained by the enemy, the enemy's attach will inflict more damage.
As long as heroes are all in the same or all in separate camps, they will receive a BUFF.

Victory or Defeat
Battles will end in defeat if you last over 15 rounds or your heroes have all been killed.
Kill all your enemy's heroes within 15 rounds to secure victory.

Heroes are categorized into Warriors, Mages, Rangers, Assassins and Priests
Warriors have higher HP and unnor and are suitable for placing in the front row. Mages, Rangers and Assassins have low HP and armor but high attacking ability and are suitable for the rear row.
Priests have low attributes but can restore heros HP and are suited to being placed in the middle row.

Epic Summoners Tip #3: Earning Heroes.
Gate of Adventure
After completing a specific stage battle requirment. you will receive a reward of hero shards.
A small number of stages will also drop hero shards.

Hero Challenges
The Challenge Tablet will produce a large number of hero shards.
The higher the difficulty, the more fragments will be produced.

Hero Altar
Consuming keys will summon heroes.
Using different types of keys will summon heroes with different star levels.

The Grocery Store, Altar store, Expedition store and Guild Stores will sell hero shards.

Saint Island
Consume the world fruits to receive or designated camp's heroes or hero shards.

Wishing Pond
Consuming Wish crystals comes with the chance to earn hero shards.

Epic Summoners Tip #4: Buildings.
The Gate of Adventure
During this adventure, heroes can earn coins, soul shards, exp and equipment from both auto and regular bottles.
After passing certain difficulty levels, even more generous items will be dropped.

Expedition Airship
Expedition is stationed above other player's battles in this level.
Heroes will not recover HP after battle.
Planning your battles effectively is the key to victory. .

Magic Ladder
The ladder's top is unknown.
Defeat each level's guard to earn gold and stones of revelation.
Also. every few levels will include awesome rewards of hero shards and equipment.

Compete with other players and earn points for each uictory.
Each day the Arena will send gems according to u player's point total.

Heroes Square
This is the main way to summon heroes.
Consume the respectiue kind of key to summon the corresponding hero.
Accumulate a certain number of heroic summonning will allow you to receive an additional five star hero.

Fused Quartz
Consume other heroes to increase the star rating of a particular hero.
This will cause a great boost in its attributes and shill effects, while the consumed hero will return the decomposition rewards.

This is where you can decompose heroes, earn coins, soul shards, stones of revelation and equipment. Decomposing heroes rated three stars and above will also allow you to receive darh souls which can be exchanged for heroes at the Altar Store.

Forge Home
The Forge Home is where you can upgrade vaur equipment to increase your hero's cornbat attributes. Consume lower grade equipment to forge advanced equinment.

Wishing Pond
Getting Wish crystal from the Grocery Store, daily tasks, Tavem, etc.
Spin the Wishing Pond roulette wheel to earn soul shards, coins, equipment, high-star level hero shards and other items.

Wishing Pond
Getting A Wish crystal from the Grocery Store. daily tashs, Tavern, etc. Spin the Wishing Pond roulette wheel to earn soul shards, coins, equipment. high—star level hero shards and other items.

The Grocery Store will randomly refresh Wish crystals, hero shards, equipment and all kinds of keys and other rare items.
After u certain period of time, the goods in the Store are eligible for u free refresh.

The Tavern will have new tasks for you to undertake daily.
Dispatch heroes who meet the requirements for the mission who, if successful, will be greatly
You can use gems to speed up or refresh your assigned tashs.

Challenge Tablet
There is a total of three challenge types.
You will have two chances everyday, the number of chances will be decreased after victory.
These challenges produce a large number of Coins, soul shards, stones of revelation and hero shards.

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