Evolve Monster Cheats: Gift Codes & 3 Best Tips for Monsters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Evolve Monster by LegendGame for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Evolve Monster Tip #1: Attacking monsters.
There are vicious monsters of different levels and different kinds distributed across the Kingdom. When you entered the World map, you may have seen the Centaur or Gryphon. Those are monsters! The numbers in front of them designate their difficulty level.

You will gain valuable rewards when you defeat a monster for the first time. Repeatedly killing monsters can not only help you acquire resources, but also offers you the chance to win various kinds of precious items. Killing monsters is the main way for your lord to gain experience points.

To attack a higher-level monster, you need to have defeated at least one monster of the level below it. So starting out, you will need to attack a level 1 monster, then a level 2, then a level 3... and so on.

A fraction of the soldiers may be wounded during fights. Wounded troops will enter the hospital automatically and wait for you to pay for their treatment. If your hospitals are filled to capacity, the excess troops will die from their untreated wounds! Make sure to keep your hospitals upgraded

Evolve Monster Tip #2: Favour Missions.
【Mission Qualities】
There are 5 qualities for the mission: Epic (Orange)>Rare (Purple)>Elite (Blue)>Fine (Green)>Normal (White)
Mission with higher qualities will be granted with greater rewards

【Mission Rules】
After starting the Favour Mission, you’ll receive rewards once the countdown ended

【Mission Rewards】
Complete the Favour Mission will gain Favour EXP
Attached Item Rewards:
Regular Resources, Speedup items, Resources Chest, War Horn, and VIP items
Also will have chances to gain Dragon Coin, Gold, Research Stone, and West Coin

【Mission Reset】
Favour Mission will be reset every 6 hours
Reset will also has chances to increase the Mission Qualities
Higher Favour Level will gain higher Mission Capacity

Evolve Monster Tip #3: Relics.
Relics are items that you can find randomly inside of loot boxes, exploring Ruins and defeating enemies. Each Relic has a story associated with it and, if you collect all Relics in a Relic Collection, you will earn various rewards.

Relics are kept forever and are not removed when a new game is started.

Relic Collections.
Relic Collections are groups of Relics. When a Relic Collection has been completed, you will earn a reward based upon the collection. Relic Collections are typically how you unlock winning conditions for the game, since winning conditions are typically themed after the Relic Collection completed.

The Relic Collection screen, which can be found inside the game options screen, will show you what Relic Collections exist, their completion status and what they reward you with. You can also tap on collected Relics to view their story again, if you so desire.

Your Relic Collection persists between new game sessions, and you will need to start several new games in order to complete all of the Relic Collections!

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