Haki Legend Cheats: Gift Codes & 3 Best Tips for Haki, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Haki Legend by Ronaldo Corp for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Haki Legend Tip #1: Resources.
Gold: The best currency. Can be received by topping up or joining events activities.
Beri: The most common currency. Can be received from activities.
Soul: When you collect 30 souls of a hero, you can summon that hero. Souls can be received from recruitment and other activities.
Orb: Can be used to increase character stats. Can be obtained from adventures, daily quests, activities, events.
Prestige: Increase character stats. Can be gained from adventures, daily quests, activities, events.
Potential: Heroes gain these points when they level up.
Power: Points to indicate total strength after calculating all the stats.
Energy: Consumed when you challenge the stages in the game. Example: Each time you fight in adventure, you lose 3-5 energy.
EXP: Transfering Card: Can be used to transfer EXP from this hero to another on the conditions that the transferred hero is above level 1 and not in your formation.
Title Card: Can be used to increase stats of the whole team. There are two types: Temporary and Permanent cards.
Support Card: Can be used to open  or upgrade support slots.
Star Card: Can be used to upgrade hero star. Very Rare.
Chisel: Can be used to make holes on equipment. Can be obtained from events or shop.
Skill Points: Can be used to upgrade skills.
Arena Points: Can be gained from Arena and can be exchanged for items, donation in alliance.
Medal: Can be exchanged for items in Arena. Can be gained when you keep your rank high in Arena.
Challenge Times: The times that a player can challenge other players in Arena, Medal Robbing.
Duel Card: Can be used to gain challenge times.
Appointment Letter: Can be used to gain Chance Meeting times.

Haki Legend Tip #2: Hero & Captain.
Captain: The player character with level, power energy. materials, items, heroes...
Change Avatar: You can change avatar by: Click the avatar on the screen > Choose any image among those of recruited heroes to be your avatar.
Title: Increase stats of the whole team. To use a title, you can go to Title Cards>Choose any acard>Activate. Then you click the title tab, choose the activated title and click use.

Heroes: Three kinds of heroes, Offense, Defense, Magic with different rarities.
View Hero Info: From the main screen > Click heroes > Click any hero to view.
Unlock and Upgrade Skills: Each hero join your force with their first skill. Other skills will be opened when their stars are increased.
You need skill books to upgrade skills. From the hero detail interface > Click an unlocked skill > Choose Upgrade > Choose the quantity of books you want to use.
Improve: Convert potential points to permanent hero stats, consuming orbs in the process.
Train: Use prestige to strengthen heroes. You can use normal training ( increase a random stat ) or advanced training ( increase a chosen stat ).
Star: When upgrading stars, all stats of hero are increased. You can upgrade stars once a hero have reached certain level, with enough souls and star cards.
Soul: You can recruit a hero by combining 30 souls of that hero. If you lack souls or already had the hero, you can steal souls from other players to upgrade his stars.

Haki Legend Tip #3: Equipment.
Equipment: Heroes can equip them to increase stats. Some equipment can form sets that grant set bonus stats.
How to equip: Main screen > Click Equipment > Click and drag an equipment to heroes.
Enhancement: Equipment gain level and stats when enhanced.
Inlay: There are 5 types of gem: Attack, Magic, Defense, HP, Speed: gems can be inlaid to equipment. Gems level up when 5 gems of the same stype and same level are combined together.
Devil Fruit: Help heroes perform special skills with dramatic effects.
To use Devil Fruits, you need to go Tavern > Collect to collect Devil Fruits, then go to Equipment > Devil Fruits and drag them to heroes.
Devil Fruits can be upgraded by using other Devil Fruits.

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