Hardly Heroes Cheats: Gift Codes & 5 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hardly Heroes Game by Seasun for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hardly Heroes Tip #1: Hero System.
Hero Building: The Temple, a new building located in the previous place of the Tomb Raider
Hero Recruiting: You can recruit heroes in the Temple without a daily upper limit. The heroes have different attributes. Higher attribute are more powerful.
Hero List: You can check all your heroes in the hero list. You can train, upgrade, add stars and dismiss the heroes in list.
Hero Training: Train the heroes to gain experience. Training has a cool down time, you can train a certain amount of heroes at a time. The training time has a upper limit.
Hero Upgrade:  You can train or spend the experience in the experience pool to upgrade the hero. A higher level hero will have stronger skills.
Hero Add Stars: Spend a certain amount of hero shards to add stars to the hero. With more stars, the hero will have better attributes.
Hero Dismiss: You can dismiss the heroes. Some of the upgrading experience cost and hero shards will be return to you.
Experience Pool: Use hero experience items or dismiss the hero to increase the experience in the experience pool.
Hero Marching: You can choose a certain hero to join the battle, the special skill they have will make your army even stronger.

Hardly Heroes Tip #2: Explorers Guild.
- You will see different quests in the Explorers Guild, choose different quests to win the rewards you prefer.

- According different rewards type, there are different types of quests as well: Resource explorer, Gather Elemental Ore, Gather Purple Ore, Dragon Lair, Ancient Magic and Speedup Magic.

- Upgrade the Explorers Guild to get better and richer rewards. The Dragon Lair will available when the Explorers Guild reaches lv.6, and the Gather Elemental Ore/Gather Purple Ore will be available when the Explorers Guild reaches lv.16.

Hardly Heroes Tip #3: National Heroes.
-Sky Lands will unlock the “Statue of the Heroes” when your Castle reaches Lv. 21, you can change the skins of your soldiers there. -You can purchase or use skin switch items which change the appearance of specific units at the Statue of the Heroes. -Each unit can only have one skin effect at the same time, click the “Region Flags” to switch to different region appearances for the units -More regional skin for different units will be coming soon

Hardly Heroes Tip #4: Soldiers Heroes Skills.
1. Statue Upgrade -Statue of the Heroes have 4 Statues inside for Infantries, Cavalries, Archers and Mages correspondingly -Upgrade Statues will unlock Slots for Guardian Gems
2. Heroes Gems -Embed Heroes Gems on Statues will increase the restraint effect to other units -Multiple Heroes Gems can be embedded on a Statue, effect of the same Gems can be stacked -Heroes Gems can be disassembled to Gemstone, which can be use to synthesize for higher level Gems

Hardly Heroes Tip #5: Treating System.
Within Treating 10 times at the tavern you are guaranteed a new fighter invitation.
If the invited figher is already on your team you will receive the equivalent in rank Glyphs instead.
A free treat is available every 48 hours.
If you end up treating a merchant instead, there are chances to get gold, exp potions, rank glyphs and even sealed equipment 4 star.

Hardly Heroes Gift Code: rewardlikes.

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