Hero x Hero Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hero x Hero Game by Funigloo for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hero x Hero Tip #1: Elements.
The world of Hero X Hero features 4 different elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. The relationships between these elements greatly change the course of battle.

Some weapons have elemental attacks.
When a weapon has been evolved into an elemental type, it will deal elemental damage.
This element can greatly affect damage depending on the opponent's element.

Fire Weapons: Great damage to Earth monsters
Reduced damage to Water monsters
Water Weapons: Great damage to Fire monsters
Reduced damage to Lightning monsters
Lightning Weapons: Great damage to Water monsters
Reduced damage to Earth monsters
Earth Weapons: Great damage to Lightning monsters
Reduced damage to Fire monsters

Additionally, Behemoths take varying damage per part depending on elemental attack.
If you have a weapon with an elemental attack, then target the parts which take more damage!

As with weapons, some armor also have elemental defense. When you evolve armor into elemental form, it will gain elemental defense.
The greater the elemental defense, the less damage you will take from the elemental attacks of monsters.

Fire Defense: Reduced Water damage from monsters
Water Defense: Reduced Water damage from monsters
Lightning: Defense Reduced Lightning damage from monsters
Earth Defense: Reduced Earth damage from monsters

Try to equip armor of the same elemental defense as the opposing monster's element!

Hero x Hero Tip #2: Heroes' ability.
There are many different kinds of heroes in the game. Each of them has, apart from various health and damage stats, its own ability. Hero ability needs to be unlocked at certain level: at level 5 for common heroes, level 3 for rare ones and epic heroes have their ability unlocked from level 1. You can find these information by clicking on your hero's card.

Some heroes' ability is to enchant either friendly or enemy heroes. A hero must hit another hero in order to enchant them. An enchanted hero has a visual effect around them and can be under just one spell at a time, with the new spell disabling the previous spell. If you want to learn which spell your hero is under, click on their card and you'll find all the information under their stats.

Example: Enchantress enchants friendly heroes she hits with +50% bonus on damage and you learn your hero is enchanted because it is glowing. If Shaman hit this hero, he would disable the spell and enchant them with 30% decreased damage instead and your hero would have purple smoke around them.

Hero x Hero Tip #3: Gold and Gems Currency.
Gold coins
Gold is a currency which is used to level up your heroes and to buy hero cards in the Shop. Free chests, orbs and Soul gem contains various amount of gold. You can't buy gold for money, buy you can buy it using gems.

Gems Currency
Gems are special currency used to speed up the unlocking orbs process, to buy orbs and gold in the Shop.

Soul Gem
Soul Gem reward is unlocked after collecting 25 souls of the heroes you defeated. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the match. Soul gem contains various amount of cards, gold and gems depending on your Arena and it is available once in 24 hours.

Free chest reward contains gold, gems and cards in amount depending on your Arena level. It is collectible every 3 hours.

Hero x Hero Tip #4: Orbs Reward.
There are 5 kinds of orbs. You can win common, rare, royal, epic and ultimate orbs from the battle but you can also get your hands on the most special ones in the Shop. They contain various amount of gold, gems and cards, depending on their kind and your Arena level. Orbs won from the match require certain time to unlock or you can unlock them in advance using gems. The ones bought in the Shops open immediately.

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