Idle Empires Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Resources, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Idle Empires Game by Grumpy Rhino Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Idle Empires Tip #1: Resource Processing Buildings.

As you continue Researching new building options, you will eventually be able to build Resource processing buildings. These buildings will take specific Resources and convert them into a new Resource. For example, a Sawmill converts wood into planks. These processed Resources will be required for some of the new buildings you unlock!

The Resource processing buildings will provide a processed Resource every second, much like the gathering buildings.

Your first Research options for processing buildings include:
Processed Wood - Unlocks the Sawmill building, which converts wood into the planks Resource
Pottery - Unlocks the Kiln building, which converts clay into the bricks Resource
Blacksmithing - Unlocks the Blacksmith building, which converts ore and wood into the tools Resource

Idle Empires Tip #2: Increasing Max Resource Storage.

As you start unlocking more buildings, the cost of these buildings will become larger and be more than what your Empire can currently hold. When this happens, it's time to increase your maximum amount of Resources!

Since there are two types of Resources, food and supplies, you will need to build two different types of buildings to increase the maximum amount of these Resources.

You will want to Research and Build the following:
Food Storage - Unlocks the Silo building, increasing the maximum food Resources you can have.
Supply Storage - Unlocks the Warehouse building, increasing the maximum supply Resources you can have.

Idle Empires Tip #3: Upgrading Buildings.

Some of the Research options you will unlock will be level Upgrades for buildings. When you unlock the next level of a building, you can tap on the building in your Empire and, if you have the Resources required, Upgrade it to the next level.

Upgrading a building can be expensive, but will provide a more efficient building that still takes up only one valuable land space. As time goes on, your Empire will start needing more of everything, but land will be harder to come by, so you will need your buildings doing more for you.

For example, one level 3 Farm, taking up one slot of land, can provide the same amount of food as nine level 1 Farms, which take up nine slots of land.

Idle Empires Tip #4: Expanding Your Empire.

After completing several Research options, building Resource processing buildings and saving up a lot of Resources, it will be time to expand your Empire!

To do so, you will need to Scout the terrain and find a new location to build a Town Hall, which will expand the amount of Domain that your Empire has, allowing for more buildings to be built!

If you haven't done so already, you will want to Research the Scouting option in your Research Menu. If it is still locked, you can see what Research option is required in order to unlock it and start Research on that prerequisite.

To Scout the land, simply find a darkened piece of land around your Domain and tap on it. You will be presented with the option to Scout it, which will cost Resources. The further away from one of your bases the land is, the more expensive the Scouting will be!

Once you find a nice spot, go ahead and build a new Town Hall. Just like Scouting and any other building you need, if you haven't Researched the Town Hall, you will want to do so now.

Town Halls get progressively more expensive, depending on how many you own! Be sure to pick good spots that provide lots of land to build on!

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