Idle Realm Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Building, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Idle Realm Game by Eat The Moon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Idle Realm Tip #1: Tapping To Harvest Resources.
Idle Realm is all about harvesting Resources in order to build bigger and better things for your Empire, but you have to start the harvesting process yourself.

Simply tap on the land within your Domain to get Resources! For example, tapping on a tree provides wood, tapping grass provides hay and tapping on berry bushes provides food.

Idle Realm Tip #2: Building a Campfire.
The first building you can build is the Campfire. This building will generate Knowledge, which is used to Research new types of buildings.

To build the Campfire, tap on the Build Menu on the Sidebar to bring up the list of buildings you can build. Tap on the Campfire and then tap on a valid location on the map. If you have enough Resources, you can build it, otherwise cancel the building action and keep tapping on the land to harvest the Resources you need.

Idle Realm Tip #3: Knowledge and Researching New Buildings.
Once you have a Campfire, tap on the Research Menu on the Sidebar to bring up the list of things you can Research. You will want to start researching Housing so that you can build the House building.

The Campfire generates Knowledge every second which is applied to whatever Research option you are researching.

When the current Research option's meter is full, the Research will be finished and something will be unlocked. Most Research options, when completed, will unlock new Research options, so be sure to keep checking back and selecting new things to Research!

Idle Realm Tip #4: Housing and Workers.
Once Housing is unlocked, you can build a House! Houses provide Workers, which are required in order to build Resource generating buildings.

Just like the Campfire, keep tapping the land to gather the Resources you need to build a House. Once you have enough Resources, open the Build Menu from the Sidebar and build the House.

Workers that are used to build Resource generating buildings will be returned to you if you Demolish the Resource generating building.

But be warned, if you Demolish a House, you will lose the Workers that the House provided, and if you have a negative number of Workers, your Resource generating buildings will be Demolished until the Worker count is no longer negative!

Idle Realm Tip #5: Resource Generation Buildings.
By the time you have completed your Research for Housing, you will have unlocked the ability to Research buildings that can generate Resources.

You will want to Research these buildings as quickly as possible and Build them! The Resource generating buildings will provide a Resource every second, allowing the gathering of Resources when you are not tapping the land or are away from the game!

Your first Research options include:
Simple Farming - Unlocks the Farm building, which generates the food Resource
Lumberjacks - Unlocks the Lumberjack building, which generates the wood Resource
Wheat Farming - Unlocks the Wheat Field building, which generates the hay Resource
When starting out, it might be a good idea to have 2-3 of each of these buildings. Of course, each of these buildings will require Workers, so you will need to build more Houses as well!

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