Last Another Day Cheats: Gift Codes & 4 Best Tips for Zombies, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Last Another Day by LEHEGAME for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Last Another Day Tip #1: War Room Level.
Level is very important in the early stage of the game.
You can unlock more constructions and high level troops with higher level.
Constant upgrades are the name of the game here, and it’s easy to find where to upgrade next if you don’t know where to go.
The easiest way is to check the quests, which you can do by tapping the tab with the current recommended quest, which opens up the other ones.
The other is to tap on the base, and if one of the requirements has a red X by it, then that’s the next thing you need to upgrade first. Hiring another builder will double your upgrading speed. Never miss it if you have enough diamonds.

Last Another Day Tip #2: Resources.
To build up your base and train more troops, you must collect enough resources.
Due to your troops taking some of your food very hour, you’re going to need to have more, and more highly upgraded, farms than you do logging camp and other resource producers.
Produce as many troops as possible, but make sure that your troops are not causing your food production to go into the negatives.

Last Another Day Tip #3: Zombie Smash.
Be sure to scout rivals and zombie camps thoroughly before you attack them so that you know how many troops, vehicles, weapons and what you’ll need to win a battle.
And always send more than you think you will need.
Make sure that all of your troops are as fully equipped with weapons as possible, as well.
The dispatch center serves as a place to command marching troops. Upgrading the dispatch center, you can dispatch more troops to battle.

Last Another Day Tip #4:Alliance.
Joining an alliance is one of the most important aspects of the game, but you can get tanked quickly if you end up in a bad or an inactive alliance.
Check their history, chats, and what they’re doing to make sure that they are active, as well as the daily donations.
Of course, you’re going to have to add your donations in for such things as new territory or helping others, or to buy alliance science, which can help your individual growth.

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