Light x Shadow Cheats: Gift Codes & 4 Best Tips for MOBA, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Light x Shadow Game by Electronic Soul for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Light x Shadow Tip #1: Brawl Mode.
Brawl Mode is "Light x Shadow" original battle map, a total length of 8 minutes, but divided into two halves, each half 4 minutes.
Brawl Mode each game has 12 players, divided into four teams, each team of three players.
The final score is based on the killing number of each team, the top three teams will get rewards.
Four teams in the map from the four birth points into the map can be anywhere in the melee.
But every birth point has a very high damage fort. So do not get close to other team's birth points.
During the fighting process, eight points on the map will refresh the recovery items to recover your hero.

At the beginning of game, each birth point will have a box of energy in front.
Attack this box will gain energy, and the map will have a total of five locations refresh the energy.
And when the energy reaches 100%, you can click a button called "god‘s blessing "to get BUFF, all the members of your team will be enhanced. Therefore, the team snatching the location of the refresh of energy, is also a very important part.

After the two halves of the game, the top three teams can get the glory of the podium.

Light x Shadow Tip #2: 5V5 Classic Mode.
5V5 Classic Mode map uses the traditional three~wav line, and both factions will have two wild areas.
The two factions each have five players, begin to fight on the three lines, and eventually destroy the enemy base to win.
Choose 5V5 classic mode, is to choose a "I0-people war, strategy, tactics, technology, the overall situation, are necessary in this battle.
This map is divided into base, highland, three-way line, wild areas and river five areas.
This is also the traditional MOBA verification of the most competitive experience of the classic map designing.

Both factions of the game will have two wild areas, and each field will have three groups of wild monsters. Kill different wild monsters can get different buff.
The gods of the future and the gods of the past is another strong buff in the game, which even can determine the result of the war.
In this map, both factions have 9 defense turret, each line has an outer, a middle, and a base turret. If the outer turret does not be destroyed, the middle and the base turret are invincible, and if the base turret does not be destroyed, the base is invincible, too.
So, every player who wants to win has to remember a key: killing cannot win, killing together with destroying the turret, is the only way to victory!

Light x Shadow Tip #3: Pinball.
This is a magic system to test your luck.
Step 1. Enter the game, and click the "Pinball"
Step 2. Click the "FREE" button, dropped the pinball, and begin your Pinball game.
Players can be based on the drop to obtain the corresponding reward. Every drop is random.
Step 3. Also the Pinball System has an energy slot. Satisfy hidden conditions in this Pinball
System can gain energy. When the energy slot is full of energy, players can get 10 more free pinball.

Light x Shadow Tip #4: Quest.
Complete the quest, challenge the BOSS, PK, these are essential elements for all games.
"Lightx Shadow" has quest system, and the quest system is an important source of the game to get currency in the game.
Click the "Quest" button on the main interface to enter the quest interface, the interface will show three tasks every day, as shown above, complete the quests to obtain the corresponding reward.
For example, the first quest to complete a game in a pre-made team, and you can receive 150 gold coins.
If you are not satisfied with this quest, you can click the"refresh"button to refresh the task, but only once a day free refresh opportunity.
Therefore, it is recommended that you give priority to high-income quests to complete, or refresh the quest to replace the low-income quests.

Light x Shadow Gift Codes: secondday & happyweekends (claim on sat & sun only!).