Medieval Life Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Alliance, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Medieval Life Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Medieval Life Tip #1: Hunting.
The blue bar indicates the damage of your weapon and the red bars indicates the damage of your enemy.
When attacking, the size difference between your bar (blue) and the enemy bar (red) will be added to the dispute indicator.
The bar below represents the enemy's total resistance. If the indicator reaches the right you win the fight. If it reaches the left you lose.
The monsters you hunted can be found in the hunting session, sell them to earn coins. Traps are also an alternative to hunt monsters.
You can improve your hunting performance by buying better weapons in the hunting session.

Most of the loot can be found in buildings. Loot can also be found in car trunks.
You can find edible berries on some bushes. Find a headlamp or night vision goggles to illuminate the night (requires batteries). Flares can illuminate a small area for a brief period after they're thrown.
The fireplace can also illuminate an area for a longer period during the night.

Medieval Life Tip #2: Base Building.
Civilian tents can be deployed and used to warm up and store items.
Items are stored there permanently.
The fireplace provides heat, light and a cooking possibility.
It can be used up to three times once built.
Crafted fences and barbwire can slow down enemies in case of attack.
You can grow plants which will provide you with food.
You need seeds and a shovel, pitchfork or pickaxe to plant.

Medieval Life Tip #3: Alliance Territory.
The Territory refers to the area around an Alliance Fortress.
Your City gains these boosts if it is within your Alliance’s Territory:
Depot Capacity +20%
Resource Production Rate +30%
Resource Gathering Rate +15%
Alliance Structures can be constructed in the Territory. They may provide boosts to your Alliance.
The Construction process for Alliance Structures is the same as that of Alliance Fortress.
Alliance Structures cannot be attacked.
If the Alliance Fortress is destroyed or removed, the Territory and Alliance Structures within it will be lost.

Medieval Life Tip #4: Alliance Fortress.
The Alliance Fortress unlocks when the Alliance has met the requirements. The Alliance Leader or Class 4 members can place and construct the Alliance Fortress.
Alliance members can deploy Armies to construct the Alliance Fortress. Construction Speed is determined by the number and Lv of the units deployed.
The number of Alliance members that can garrison, construct, or repair the Alliance Fortress is determined by the Max Army Strength and Alliance Hall Lv of the player who started the process.
After the Alliance Fortress is attacked, it may continue to take damage. The Alliance Fortress is removed when its Durability is reduced to zero.  
Units wounded in Alliance Fortress battles will be sent to the Field Hospital.
If the Alliance Fortress is destroyed or removed, the Territory and Alliance Structures within it will be lost.

Medieval Life Tip #5: Alliance Resource Structures.
Alliances can construct Alliance Resource Structures in their Territory.
These Structures contains vast amounts of resources.
An Alliance can own one Alliance Resource Structure at a time.
The Alliance Leader or Class 4 Allies can remove a depleted Alliance Resource Structure and construct a new one.
Alliance Resource Structures grant a boost in Gathering Rate.
Armies gathering in Alliance Resource Structures cannot be attacked.

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