OCATSTRA Cheats: Coupon Codes & 5 Best Tips for Cats, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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OCATSTRA Game by PangSky for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Ocatstra Tip #1: Promoting Cat Heroes.
Cat Heroes can devour promotion material cards of the same star level to promote.
A Cat Hero's initial promotion cap is +20.
Massive attributes will be increased after promotion.
Cat Hero skills will also he unlocked to make them much more powerful.
When Cat Heroes reach Promotion+20, they can seek higher exceed limit.
One Cat Hero card of the Same star level will be spent for limit exceed +1.
After exceeding, Cat Heroes can continue to he promoted.
If the Cat Hero being devoured has a rank, some extra promotion materials of the same star level will be returned.

Ocatstra Tip #2: Challenges.
You will gain even better rewards and lose no Stamina in battle.
Each dungeon drops different types of materials, Including Coins, Cat Heroes, gear, Android materials. One
dungeon can be challenged 3 times a day.
Dungeon challenge attempts can be bought for a limited number of times every day.
Increase VIP level will increase the number of challenges can be bought every day.

Ocatstra Tip #3: Furnace.
You can use furnace to recast inferior gear and runes and randomly generate higher star level qualities.
You must gather 5 materials of the same star level to merge them. Merged gear can tick "Set Guaranteed"
In order to get set components (6-piece set components if higher than 5 stars).
Merge will cost some Coins (Rune merge will not cost Coins).
Tap the"Place Gear/Rune" button several times will skip low level ones and will directly merge materials of higher star level.
If a refined gear is used as the material, the crafted gear will inherit the rank that equals to the sum of all rank bonuses/5,any more exceeding the limit will not be returned.

Split system is used in Cat Hero Split and Cat Hero Devolution.
Cat Hero Split can only be used for unpromoted Cat Heroes.
After splitting, you will receive Cat Hero Emblem, Ultra Divine Water and some Coins.
Promoted Cat Heroes can reduce their ranks to 0 via Cat Hero
Devolution, Cat Hero level will drop to Lv.1. Meanwhile, 80% of the Promotion Cards, Ultra Divine Water and 30% of Coins spent during the promotion will be returned
(Ultra Divine Water will be returned 100% as Coins).
For Cat Heroes that exceeds the rank limit, the exceeding Cat Hero used will be returned during Cat Hero Devolution.
With every rank exceeded. a Cat Hero of the same Cat Hero will be returned.
Cat Hero Rebirth is used to reset a Cat Hero's reincarnation level.
You will receive all reincarnation materials and 30% of Coins used during the reincarnation, but you will need to pay some Diamonds.

Ocatstra Tip #4: League Contribution.
Take part in the planet war to receive League Contribution, rare gear, rare Cat Heroes and more.
Types of Rewards: Damage Reward {Receive instantly}, Boss Kill Reward, Planet Occupying Reward
The reward of occupying a planet can be claimed by all members.
Duration: 10:00—22:00 daily
Players can choose a planet to challenge.
The damage amount is the total damage dealt by all league members.
The default difficulty level is the easiest one.
However, if 2 or more planets are occupied in one day, the difficulty level will increase the next day. Aura attributes will Increase as well.

Ocatstra Tip #5: Hall of Cat Heroes.
Relevant Hall of Cat Heroes challenges will open after you reach the required level. There is a free attack chance every day.
Each Cat Hero can buy one extra chance a clay. VIP 5 players can buy one twice, and VIP 8 players can buy 3 times.
Rewards will he given after a successful challenge, and once challenge attempt will be deducted.
If challenge fails, no attempt will be deducted.
Challenge attempts and purchase attempts reset at 00:00 every day.

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