Point Blank: Strike Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Striking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Point Blank: Strike Game by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Point Blank: Strike Tip #1: Improving your Weapons and Team Level.
[Gear] → tap a weapon you want to upgrade → tap [Enhance].
You can see the material weapons available and upgrade cost on the right side, and on the left side is the detailed stat change according to the materials you select.
After selecting material weapons you want to use to upgrade a weapon, touch the [Power Up] button and the upgrade cost will be expended and your weapon will be strengthened.
When two identical weapons are synthesized, you will get the weapon with higher level.
Touch [Gear] in the main lobby, then you can see the tabs of Primary/Secondary/Knife. You can equip the weapon you want in each tab.
The team level is determined by the average level of the characters in the team.
You can increase your team level by strengthening the level of the characters in your team.

Point Blank: Strike Tip #2: Daily Log-in Reward System.
The daily log-in reward system of Point Blank: Strike is that you claim the reward in the column of the day number.
(Ex: Claim the reward in the column of the number 25 on July 25, and the reward of 27 on July 27)
The reward is only available from day 1 to 28. There is no reward for the day 29, 30, and 31.
The daily log-in reward is reset at 00:00(UTC+7) on the first day every month.

The number on ATTENDANCE is the total log-in days of the month.
When the number reaches 10 and 20, you can claim the rewards for 10 and 20 log-in.
The log-in history is also reset at 00:00(UTC+7) on the first day every month.
(Ex. If you install the game from 20, the total amount of log-in days you can earn for the month is 9 at most, so 10 and 20 log-in rewards are not available.)

Point Blank: Strike Tip #3: Weapon Skin.
Even the same kind of weapon can have different effects depending on the skins equipped.
There are 5 kinds of skins, and each skin has the following additional effects.

Skin Type---Abbreviation---Effects.
SNOW Skin---SN---Increases Accuracy.
Desert Skin---DE---Increases Critical Rate.
WoodLand Skin---WL Increases Magazine Size.
Gray Skin---GR---Increases Damage.
Olive Skin---OL---Reduces Weight.

The same type of weapon can be combined at the maximum level, even though their skins are different.
If you combine weapons with different skins, the skin of the combined result weapon will be randomly decided.
If you combine weapons of the same skin, the result of the combination is with the same skin.

Point Blank: Strike Tip #4: Game Modes.
Point Blank: Strike has 4 modes.

1. Team Deathmatch: It is a standard team deathmatch.
It is possible to play up to 4vs4. A team with more kills within a given time will win.
2. AI Match: Death match between player team and AI.
The maximum number of users is 4, and the maximum number of AI is 8.
You can adjust the levels from 1 to 8. The higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes.
3. Headshot Mode: In Headshot mode, you can barely damage the enemies' HP unless your attack is a headshot attack, so you have to shoot the head to defeat the enemies.
4. Emblem Match: Battle between Red vs Blue team.
Each team gets scores according to the number of kills and emblem touches of each player.

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