Pro 11 Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Team Management, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pro11- Soccer Manager Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pro11 Tip #1: Gameplay.
Your primary job is to secure wins for your team, finish high in the league standings and earn promotions by finishing in top 7. Ultimately you might get all the way to the Champions League and higher league levels, where the best teams competes for honour, trophies and tons of prize money.

To become a successful manager you need to master many aspects such as:
- Setting match winning tactics.
- Getting great youth players.
- Training your players well every day.
- Improving your squad by buying and selling on the transfer market.
- Keeping a solid economy for your club.
...just to name a few of the most important things.

In Pro 11 a season lasts for 2 weeks/14 days. Within this period you play 26 league matches (2 per day) and much more. After a season has ended a "Grand Season Update" is run on the firstcoming Monday where promotions and relegations are updated along with tons of other stuff.

Home matches
You can kick off all your home matches at any time you want - if they are scheduled to be played today or before that.

Away Matches
You have to wait for your opponent/home team to start the match. If he does not start the match in time you get the option to kick it off yourself after that.

Pro11 Tip #2: Team Improvement.
1) Earn money and buy players from the transfer list
2) Get young players - don't sell them the first seasons. Train them so they develop.
3) Log in and train your players every day
4) Do your youth pull every day
5) Sign sponsor deals
6) Play your matches every day to earn cash and finish top 7 in the league to promote.

Your starting squad is made up of common (grey card) players. They are decent but will never be good players.

To improve your team you need to pull youth players and train them. After a season or two you will see your youngsters quickly will start being much better players and you can start replacing your starting squad players and see your team grow in strength.

NEVER sell your best youth players for the first many season. They are the future of your club.

You can also get instant improvements by buying players off the transfer list. This can be an quick but also expensive way to improve your team.

Note that the grey/common cards on the transfer list can be very cheap to buy, but they also will develop very little and won't improve your team much long term.
To get a much stronger team and build for the future focus on your youth development and invest in players with higher rarity (see more under "Players" -> "Player Rarity").

Pro11 Tip #3: Free Credits.
There are many ways to get free credits.

1) Boost your secretary with your staff boosters. You can get up to 30 free credits every 3 days.
2) Connect to Facebook and send/receive credits in gifts with your friends (coming soon)
3) Play your fan league matches and help your club reach the season goal in the fan league
4) Help your clubs fan section reach the next goal to unlock a credit bonus for all managers of your club.
5) Watch rewarded videos to earn free credits (coming soon)

Also the starter pack gives you a lot of extra credits. If you got a little to spend this is strongly recommended to get your club off to a fantastic start.
You can buy the starter pack in our shop.

Pro11 Tip #4: Earn Money.
To earn money you must:

- Sign sponsor deals
- Play matches. You earn a lot in home match revenue and later there are great prize money to be won in the cup and especially in the Champions League
- Be placed high in your league. The better you are placed in the table the more TV-money you get each day.
- Sell players (young players under 21 should be trained and developed before selling to get most value of them).
- Get cash injections. Click the blue cash button in the top bar. Each season the first million is free to get.

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