Saiyan Warriors Cheats: Activation CDKey Code & 5 Best Tips for Warriors, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Saiyan Warriors Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Saiyan Warriors Tip #1: Fighter of Universe.
Fighter of Universe is across realm ranked match. Each season lasts 7 days and will open again after a season has reset.
The match has 7 tiers. Tier 7 is across-realm contest which limits to 10 players. The other tiers have no amount limits.
Tiers will reset at the end of a season: Tier 6 and 7 drop to Tier 3, Tier 4 and 5 drops to Tier 2, the other tiers will drop to Tier 1.
Match results are based on Battle Points, players will be promoted or demoted accordingly. Results are calculated from 00:00 - 00:10 every day.
If a player's Battle Points <>1000 , the player will enter the next tier.
If Battle Points <>2000 , the player will be promoted by 2 tiers (which is the most tiers one can be promoted. Tier 7 is calculated differently due to amount limits.)
if a player's Battle Points < 500, the player will drop a tier at most every day.
Players can challenge 10 times a day and earn 100 Battle Points if they win, and earn 10 extra points for consecutive victories.
Extra Battle Points can be stacked. No points will be deducted if they fail.

The Fighter of Universe has 5 chests. Only one chest can be claimed a day.
Chests must be claimed from 1 to 5 in order. If paused for one day, you need to claim from the first chest again Latter chests contain better rewards.
Like: You can like the Fighter of Universe statue once a day and receive 100,000 Coins.

Fighter of Universe Chest contains even greater rewards.
Tap the hero formation of the Fighter of Universe to check each hero's attributes.
Becoming the Fighter of Universe is an honor, with special gifts ton.
Become the Fighter of Universe:
Reach the first place in Cress-server Arena's seasonal rankings!

Saiyan Warriors Tip #2: Android.
Each player will receive a free Android.
Android's attributes can be applied to all combat heroes.
Androids have active skills, which can be released once in each battle.
Upgrade: Upgrade Androids will cost a few items and Coins to gain more attributes.
However, Android's level can't exceed the player's squad level.
Refit: Use specified items can reset attributes and skills. Level and locked items will not change. Result can be saved manually.

Saiyan Warriors Tip #3: Demon King Piccolo.
World Boss event is held from 5:00-24:00 daily.
Each player can challenge 5 times a day for free and use Diamonds to buy more entries later.
Use Diamonds to inspire and add all heroes‘Attack until the end of the event.
Players can evade some of the boss's ACE skills by operation.
There are a number of world bosses. The lower the boss's level, the less the Attack and HP will be.
Rewards will be sent after the event by email. Killing the world boss will receive relevant hero candy or shards.

Saiyan Warriors Tip #4: Babidi's Spaceship.
You can challenge 2 times every day. If you win, one challenge attempt will be deducted.
Players of higher VIP levels will have more challenge chances. 3 times a day for VIP 3, 4 times a clay for VIP 5 times a day for VIP?. Please check VIP privileges for details.
You will receive rewards if you win. No attempts will be deducted if you lose, and you can challenge again.
The amount of Diamonds required for refreshing will gradually increase. The refreshed star level will be higher or equal to the previous attempt, and will not drop.

Saiyan Warriors Tip #5: Rival List.
The World Martial Arts Tournament battles are held automatically.
Players can't control battle manually, but can drag the avatars of backup heroes to let them fight.
Ranking rewards are sent everyday at 21 by email.
If players win a battle and the defender‘s ranking is higher than the attackers their rankings will be swapped.
Players will receive certain rewards based on their daily rankings. Rewards are sent by email.
If the battle times out, the attacker will lose.
Players engaged in a battle can't be chosen as the opponent.

If players are not online and their Mirror Images are challenged, they will not gain Battle Points if they win but will lose 60 Battle Points if they fail.
It's best to deploy your strongest heroes and best gear while you are offline.
Players in each tier will have a unique avatar frame, which is the symbol of strength and identity.
Players can open the leader-board and join the Lucky
Guessing to guess whether the power of the 8th place is an odd or even number.
If correct, players will receive double Coins, otherwise the deposit will not be returned.

Saiyan Warriors Redeem Activation Code (CDKey Code): SWREWARDS (Limited Time Only).

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